ew, new balance.

this message is directed to men who wear new balance sneakers on and off the field. the only places they should be worn is at the gym, on a basketball court/football field/golf course/track, etc. if you are wearing new balance sneakers on dates, at work, at parties, and/or any venue that is not sport related, please direct yourself to the nearest cliff and jump off. (okay, that might have been a tad bit harsh…)

i don’t mean to be picky, but lets just play the role reversal game for a second. you see a pretty girl, wearing a pretty dress.. you look her up.. you start to look her down and BAM she is wearing a pair of new balance sneakers. what would be the first thing to cross your mind? how about WHAT THE EFF IS SHE WEARING? i am just guessing in the dark here, but that is definitely what would cross my mind. there is something about new balance sneakers that adds about 16 years to your look and completely demotes you to being worst dressed, no matter how awesome your outfit might be.

you might not think shoes are a big deal, but they are all part of your first impression.  just like new balance sneakers pretty much are a deal breaker for a guy, so are air force ones. those are so middle school. i get annoyed when i see guys wearing them still.. to this day! and then they get irritated when their shoes get scuffed. really? you are concerned that your precious shoes are going to get dirty, then why would you wear them to a club or a party, news flash you aren’t walking around in a bubble.

.. just saying


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