the girl behind the judgments

i would like to begin by introducing myself. my name is candice, (hiiii candice). i never really thought I would become a blogger, but here I am – so wish me luck. the goal, at first it was just to be famous, you know like the next perez hilton, but honestly i would so much rather just share my opinions with the world, because lets face it –  have a lot to say. i do however wish to have  followers other than my  friends and family, who I have stalked/threatened/forced to follow me. i love live for sarcasm, double shot expressos, smiley faces, the gators, laughing (no joke there), tweeting, being in pictures (yeh i know most people say taking pictures, neh, I like to be the star of the show), public relations, dogs (all shapes, colors and sizes), miami night life, parenthesis (if you couldn’t tell) and shopping. it would only make sense to list my dislikes now, but this list is very short, and not entertaining so we will just leave it at hypocrites, people who are mean to others, bad drivers, litter bugs and stupid questions. whew, feels good to get that off my chest.


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