meet the parents part 4.

new relationships call for added stress. good stress of course. tonight, i am going to meet my boyfriend’s parents for the first time. this is not something i tend to do quite often, for the mere fact that the word boyfriend usually sends me running the other way. i am anti-relationships. anti-boyfriends. i like doing me, but somehow, i have found my way into a relationship and couldn’t be happier. besides the obvious, what if they hate me, what if we have nothing to talk about, what if more food ends up on my shirt than in my mouth .. situations that keep crossing my mind i have the what should i wear factor. of course i am sure i am not the only girl in the universe to stress over this, so i thought i would shed some light on this situation.

appropriate attire: jeans. blazer. blouse. flats. dress (not too short/ not too tight). long skirt.

inappropriate attire: shorts. flip flops. too much cleavage. clubbing attire. stripper heels.

if your nails are chipping, take the polish off. ALL OF IT. should you take something? YES! something small. make-up, minimal. do not look like you are going out with your girlfriends to pick up some guys, remember you have a man now, time to be conservative.


Imagejuicy jeans, michael kors clutch, blowfish flats, h&m blouse.


as i type this my heart is beating probably a million miles a minute. it is the type of nervous i get when i have to speak in front of a group of people 15+. as an outgoing person, this is weird.. i never get nervous but right now, i can barely breathe. i will most likely take a brown bag with me, so if need be, i can hyperventilate into that. wish me luck.


this i promise you.

oh heyyy, did you think i forgot all about you, because i haven’t! we can blame my slight hiatus on my busy life. haha don’t i wish that was true, i blame it on the mere fact that nothing has interested me lately. no matter how tacky someones outfit has been or how annoying men are, they just have not reached that importance for me to write about. damn you writers block, damn you! well this busy life i am oh so quick to brag about has picked up and is becoming quite the exciting one. for starters, after countless interviews, trying to find a social media or pr job (which, was not an easy process, and definitely bruised my ego a little), i finally found one! i have traveled all across south florida, had a phone interview for a company in boston and one in chicago, to think “hell yeah i dominated that interview. for sure i am getting THIS job,” i finally was able to say it and well, it come true! this girl is EMPLOYED!  for those out there trying to find work, i completely understand. those who have a job, don’t take it for granted. nothing is worse than going out and shopping and seeing your bank account just quickly diminish. thank god my responsibilities are limited and i was able to stretch my money for as long as i could. expect when it came to my shopping addiction, no matter how broke i am i find myself at the mall.. ask me how i got there and i can’t tell you, it is like my car is on auto pilot and just takes me there – I SWEAR!

so this exciting life i mentioned, bet you are wondering what is so exciting about it. well, after about 7 years of my friends trying to get me to go to utlra, telling me i will have by far the best time of my life…. i finally went. fine… they were right. maybe not about ultra but about swedish house mafia. completely obsessed at the moment. i can’t stop talking about, thinking about, dreaming about it. i have never been one to be a fan of house music, but after this past weekend…. i have this new found love.

so besides ultra, and my new job, my life has consisted of, well… the gym and going out… and maybe pinterest. i have now planned out my wedding, my dream home, along with closets a girl could only dream of,  filled with clothes and purses i hope to one day afford. although, those are not excuses for me to have stopped writing… i have and i am sorry. i promise i will continue, if not for those who follow me, but for myself. writing is my outlet, i forget about what is going on around me and just let my fingers do the typing. (you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff they say, haha). people tend to put the things they love to do on the back burner because this thing called life gets in the way. moral of the story, if you love doing something, make time for it. this is my april resolution, who says you need to start jan. 1?

follow me on pinterest to see more of what i like, fitness tips, what i want to make, and what i hope my life will one day be!

steve broke my heart.

so today is off to a fantastic start, NOT. this is what i get for bragging about my super awesome sale… my ex best friend steve madden decided to let me purchase my beautiful shoes but then sent me an email this morning saying they are out of stock. pause, this is definitely not the first thing i want to see in the morning. maybe a good morning gorgeous, we ran out of your shoe would have sufficed, but c’mon steve, i thought we had a better relationship than that. you sent me a mass email (ugh!) then gave me a measly 10% off discount. seriously! that does not take the pain away… my heart and feet are extremely sad and disappointed right now and a 10% discount is not going to cut it.. especially when you got my excitement at it’s all time high then… completely let me down. steve, i might have to start shopping at aldo from now on, just saying.

sales make my heart skip a beat

blooop. blooop. my phone goes off, and i see i have a new email. i check it and to my surprise it was from my best friend everrrrr, steve madden. i like to call him steve, and he likes to call me customer #4534266342785543. (as you can tell we have a very close relationship). when i get emails from him, i take them verrry seriously because when there is a sale at steve madden, there is a SALE. i proceeded to minimize all my work windows and opened up firefox. here i come!  i go to the clearence section, scroll down and there they are… my shoes. i have been stalking looking for these shoes on every possible website for months now because my supposed best friend steve sold out in my size eons ago. i hold my breath as i click the thumb sized picture to see the other colors. taupe suede.. taupe suede i keep repeating to myself. praying they have that color still available. they do. whew. i let out a big gust of air that causes my coworkers to ask me if i am okay.. i let them know now is NOT the time. then, i realize i still have to pick a size because unfortunately shoes don’t run in a one size fits all style. i gasp for air as i click the size option.. and they only have one size, and it is MY SIZE! i quickly pick one quantity and go checkout. i got them. i love them and in five to seven business day i will be placing them on my feet.

btw, i went back on to steve’s site about 7 minutes after so i could show a friend my fabulous deal and the shoe was taken down. i bought the only one left. fate i tell you, fate<3. 



ew, new balance.

this message is directed to men who wear new balance sneakers on and off the field. the only places they should be worn is at the gym, on a basketball court/football field/golf course/track, etc. if you are wearing new balance sneakers on dates, at work, at parties, and/or any venue that is not sport related, please direct yourself to the nearest cliff and jump off. (okay, that might have been a tad bit harsh…)

i don’t mean to be picky, but lets just play the role reversal game for a second. you see a pretty girl, wearing a pretty dress.. you look her up.. you start to look her down and BAM she is wearing a pair of new balance sneakers. what would be the first thing to cross your mind? how about WHAT THE EFF IS SHE WEARING? i am just guessing in the dark here, but that is definitely what would cross my mind. there is something about new balance sneakers that adds about 16 years to your look and completely demotes you to being worst dressed, no matter how awesome your outfit might be.

you might not think shoes are a big deal, but they are all part of your first impression.  just like new balance sneakers pretty much are a deal breaker for a guy, so are air force ones. those are so middle school. i get annoyed when i see guys wearing them still.. to this day! and then they get irritated when their shoes get scuffed. really? you are concerned that your precious shoes are going to get dirty, then why would you wear them to a club or a party, news flash you aren’t walking around in a bubble.

.. just saying

b is for blue, and bitchy.

**disclaimer, this post might have a bitchy undertone, & I don’t mean to offend anyone.** Do you know what grinds my gears? (sorry family guy, I had to use it) girls/ladies/woman/chicks whatever, why do you find the need to wear a multi colored shirt, then pick one color from that shirt and apply it to your eyelids. you my friend, need new friends. Someone needs to tell you that that is not cute. So the eye shadow that this girl had on wasn’t even a hint of eye shadow, it was as if you painted her eyes with a paint roller and decided to leave it as is. No blending, no mixing, just a block of color. (this color, one happened to be blue, and not just any blue, but the same blue that is used for the W logo for Microsoft Word (nerd alert)). This said shirt also had some pink in it. Yea, bubblegum pink… and guess what matched this lovely shirt.. the girls shoes. Patent leather pink pumps. This hurt my eyes. It made my stomach weak and it just made me want to weep in the corner to think how can someone commit such a huge fashion sin. I guess I just want to know one thing, do people not look in the mirror before leaving the house?

this is seems to be an on going trend in miami though… #helpsavefashionvictimseverywhere!

i’ll fight this to my death..

lately it has been a topic of conversation, at least among my friends.. “does black and brown go together.” of course i might fuel this argument and bring it up every chance i get but it is a topic i am very passionate about.  with that said, i think black and brown DO go together. my favorite combination is wearing black bottoms with this tanish/brown belt i have (pictured below) matched with tan flats/wedges. i think i look fab, others, (louis) thinks that is a fashion no no. so who would i rather trust, myself, who knows what i am talking about, or my fashionably conscious gay? i think ill go with myself.

so instead of arguing about if they mesh well (haha, i learned that phrase from “clueless”) i am going to show you how it is done properly and how to do it properly, then you can come up with your own conclusion.

to begin, remember that neutrals go with everything. basically, you can wear black with anything, brown with anything.. so why not together? exactly. (one point for me).

next, when using a lighter shade of brown (like my belt) it is easy to do the whole black and brown outfit. taupe and nude also make a nice contrast with black.

note, this next one is for the bold, and the confident. if you are not quite sure you can rock brown and black then i suggest you just skip this one. (KIDDING). chocolate brown and black. this is a hard task and i suggest you approach with ease, but if you can pull it off, i suggest you do it, cause hunny it looks GOOD. (kudos to you mom, who loves wearing a dark brown with black, .. she even brought it up in an argument the other day when i was fighting this topic with some friends).

if you are trying to mix a black shirt and brown shoes, then you better make sure you are wearing DARK bottoms because it does not look good with light colored jeans. it actually looks as if you are missing something, like black shoes for instance. adding color or a pattern to the mix definitely helps. leopard, is probably the easiest pattern to pull off when you want to mix brown and black.

i am simply suggesting trying this out. be open minded. but if you look like you dressed yourself in the dark, don’t blame it on me.

my brown belt that i am completely obsessed with:


celebs who pull it off:get the look:

ryan gosling; for those who haven’t seen crazy. stupid. love. that sexy hunk, whom i would like for him to be referred to as my future husband pulls off the brown and black look in the movie. (i saw it last night, so this was the last straw that made me have to post about this topic.)

that’s right boys, it is possible to look this good, and dress this impressive.