please place the tiara on my head

i will do the honors and crown myself as the queen of online shopping, and no, not just online shopping, BARGAIN online shopping. of course, i would love to be able to online shop as if i just won the lotto, but i am not quite at that baller status yet, and a girl has gotta save, so i do quite a bit of online shopping. and by “quite a bit” i do mean every free minute i have. i love going to boutiques around miami and laughing at what they charge for the same shirt i found online. seriously, why would i pay $65 for a skull shirt when i know at least four different online sites (that i visit on the reg.) that are selling them for $24.99 – $32. ugh sorry, i’d rather buy two shirts for the price of one, if ya know what i mean.

but i am real bitchy about telling people where i have found my bargains. i have this theory that if too many people start buying from them, then their prices will go up, and that will totally ruin my game plan! maybe by the end of this post i will develop a soft spot for my followers and share one of them.

tip: best way to save with online shopping is to sign up for their newsletters. yes it sucks getting spammed a million times a day by countless companies, but most of the time, those emails contain lots of beneficial information. for example, one of the new websites i found, i signed up for the newsletter, as i browsed the website, of course had a cart full of items but didn’t actually purchase yet. sure enough i check my email a few hours later and most of the items i had selected had gone on sale, 40% off. that was music to my ears. i literally could have cried from excitement.

tip: lets say you fell in love with a pair of shoes on a website like sam edelmanfind out what the name of the shoe is, go to google, search the shoe (under shopping) and it will show you all the places where you can purchase that shoe, and how much. i do it all the time, and save myself SO MUCH MONEY!

tip: before checkout, google the website you are on, followed by coupons. sometimes you will find awesome coupons, sometimes you won’t, but it doesn’t hurt to check it out.

tip: social media does goes a long way. most companies give you a discount just for liking them on facebook, or following them on twitter.

so today, as i was doing my usual online shopping i came across this super cute tribal sweater. of course i look on all of my websites, since they pretty much carry the same clothes, and here is the perfect example of WHY you should look around before purchasing.



buuut the best thing about tobi is you get 50% off your first purchase. ugh talk about a deal! –


two burns and a horrible stomach ache later

how my night ended, two burns, and my boyfriend having to cut my food for me, since i was handicapped. i know, i know, HUGE BRAT!

first i would like to start off with a suggestion, pinterest needs to have a please don’t try this at home warning under all images of food. with that said, i will tell you about my attempt to make a caprice dip with garlic bread, asparagus with balsamic tomatoes, chicken rollatini with spinach alla parmigiana (fancy, i know) and brownies for dessert. i don’t know if you know this about me but i can’t cook. no seriously, i can’t. i learned how to peel an onion during my third year of college, and that was ground breaking. eggs, i’ve perfected, well only scrambled, and anything i can heat up in the microwave I AM YOUR GIRL!

at this point i am sure you are asking yourself “why would you do that to yourself, and try and make a four course meal?” well duh cause i have a boyfriend and i need to let him know i can do other things than shop and complain. at least this was my grand idea around 4pm monday. did all the grocery shopping during lunch, i even chopped up the tomatoes, i was ready to take on my kitchen as soon as i got home from work. all i kept thinking was “go big or go home.”

what i should have done was order out. first i took out all the ingredients, so far so good. i decided to start with the chicken rollatini with spinach alla parmigiana (i love the name) since it took the longest. well after the third attempt of adding ingredients, then realizing i added the wrong ingredient to that bowl and it was supposed to go in another bowl, i finally got it… or so i thought. it wasn’t until i had to bread the chicken that i realized thaaaats why i needed the egg, and it wasn’t supposed to be in the spinach concoction i made. whoops, hope he doesn’t notice. as i stare at the chicken, which the directions clearly said i wouldn’t need toothpicks to hold them together, and that they would easily stick – yeah my ass, my chicken con spinach looked NOTHING like the picture. a perfect example of a “nailed it” image.

the chicken goes into the oven, and i start on the asparagus, which was pretty easy. some how i managed to cook the asparagus, prepare the mozzarella for the caprice dip and make the brownie batter all while the chicken was baking. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW WOMEN DO THIS! i seriously have a new found respect for mothers who work all day, and have dinner on the table for their husbands, cause that sure as hell ain’t going to be me. chicken is done. asparagus is done, table is set and all that is left is the easiest thing, the caprice dip, which at this point has turned into my enemy. the cheese wouldn’t melt, or it did melt but it all stuck together and didn’t quite look like a dip, more like a block of cheese. FAIL. now i take the dish out of the scorching hot oven and as i am doing this i almost drop the dish, so what is my first reaction “hey superwoman, the dish isn’t hot, you didn’t just take it out of the oven, lets just grab it with your bare hand.” obviously, i curse everything in sight, and promise myself I WILL NEVER COOK AGAIN! hmph. i mean it’s not for everyone right. some people can’t swim, others can’t ride a bike, i can’t cook. there i said it, I CAN’T COOK!

my boyfriend was a good sport, and ate the food with a smile on his face.  he did inform me that he woke up in the middle of the night with the worst stomach ache of his life… oh well, at least he didn’t die. (as you can tell i am the cup half full kinda girl) but i now have two of the worst burns i have ever had in my life, the food kind of resembled food, and i did not have to call miami-dade fire rescue, so i guess that’s a plus.oh wait, and my boyfriend told me i never have to cook for him again, mission accomplished.

heyyy so are you good with computers?

my coworker showed me this video today, called “shit girls say”. i am not going to lie, before i started watching it i was quite skeptical because her description was as follows “its about a guy dressed up as a girl saying funny things” like okaaay.. i am only picturing the worst here. after i have viewed it .. i seriously cannot stop laughing. i laugh because ALL of that was true. my most used phrase is probably, “can you do me a favor” or “listen, listen, listennn” … the list goes on. this is by far one of the funniest youtube videos i have seen in a while.


what do you think?

the bold and the beautiful.

so, i started writing for a blog as the fashion writer, and by started, i do mean that i have only written one post. this week i wrote about cobalt blue and why you need it. oh and my top blue choices! enjoy. ;]

‘Tis the season for cobalt blue.

If there is one color you need to add to your winter wardrobe, it’s this deep hue. Of course, by add I mean anything from accessories for your outfit, to a main piece like a blouse or a dress. This vibrant color goes well with every skin tone or hair color, so basically anyone can pull it off, and this bold color is sure to brighten up those winter blues.

Blake Lively, better known as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, owns this look. I am literally obsessed, and I am currently looking for the exact replica of this outfit. Notice how the ….  (want to read more)

that is only a little snippet, i mean i couldn’t give it all away.

anddd here is how i wore my blue. 

yolo thats my motto.

three hundred sixty-five days ago, i started my blog. this blog. i never thought people would actually take the time to read what i had to say. i don’t think you understand how excited i get every time i get a new subscriber, which i would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUBSCRIBING, especially cause i didn’t have to harass you to do so! i have had over 8,000 views, which i am still in awe about. i want to thank each and every person who has come to my page, whether you’re my friends and family, acquaintances, or even complete strangers, you really don’t know how much it means to me.

this past year i have learned a lot about myself. i learned that i love to write. never in a million years would i have considered ever being a writer, but it has become an obsession passion. if it’s not my occupation, it will definitely continue to be my hobby. i have learned things happen when you least expect them to. i learned i can be strong and weak, happy and sad, a bitch and a sweetheart all within seconds of each other. i figured out that i am still one crazy girl who has a lot to learn when it comes to men. i have traveled and saw cities i had never seen. i have been spontaneous. i learned you cannot take friends for granted, because just as fast as they come they can go. i learned your family will always support you and be by your side no matter what. i learned what i want and what i don’t want in a future job, and just like a man i can’t settle on a job that doesn’t make me happy. i learned i like seaweed salad and tuna tartar. i have realized i am a very difficult person and a lot to handle. i have discovered my love for earnest hemingway, two books down a million more to go, i have realized i don’t know how to save money and i desperately need help!

i am thankful for every single person who has entered my life this past year, whether you were a five-minute friend, lasted a little longer, or we are still friends, thank you for making my life just a little bit better.

thank you to my wolf pack, my friends who have and hopefully will stay by my side for a very long time, without all of you i would be lost.. literally. we all know how bad i am with directions. thanks for always making me feel better when i have had a rough day, thank you for listening to my bitching (which my god, i don’t know how you guys do it), for my tantrums, my sloppiness and thank you for just being a shoulder for me to lean on. i love each and every one of you with all my heart.

so here is a little something about me, taking it back old school.

1. Weird things you do when you’re alone
talk to myself. make noises. you know things normal people do.

2. How have you changed in the past 2 years?
i think i have learned to care more about other peoples feelings. fighting is stupid and i would much rather be the bigger person and apologize than continue not speaking to someone who is imporant to me.

3. What kind of peson attracts you?
considering the past, the qualifications needed would be: an asshole, only can only care about yourself, and be an alpha male. height is a huge plus. actually that wins me over 100%.

4. What do you wear to bed?
depends. panties and a tank most of the time.

5. 5 things that irritate you about people?
(1) stupid questions
(2) people who like to argue about things they have no idea what they are talking about.
(3) pettiness
(4) bad drivers
(5) poorly dressed people

6. The person you like and why?
person i likeD. why, cause i thought he was different. hence the D at the end.

7. Your opinion on cheating on people?
don’t be in a relationship if you’re going to cheat. be a man or a woman, you made a commitment so live up to it.

8. Something you are currently worrying about?
getting to the airport on time.

9. Your last kiss?
ive had better.

10. Your views on drugs and alcohol?
drugs, like pot, i find acceptable and no judgments will be thrown your way. anything else, i choose to stay away from. drinking… cheers!

11. Your current relationship/Discuss how single life is
current relationship would be with myself. i buy myself presents, and take myself out to dinner. i say cute things to myself, and we NEVER fight.. i would say my current relationship is going pretty well.

12. Things youd say to an ex?
those three years felt like an eternity. and youre toxic, but he already knows this.

13. A date you would love to go on
something spontaneous and full of surprises. anything but a typical dinner and movie.

14. Something disgusting you do?
burp. a lot.

15. Best thing to happen to you this week?
i learned to let go.

16. 3 things you are proud of about your personality
understanding, funny, outgoing.

17. things that make you scared
the usual scream mask, murders etc. snakes, sharks, bugs…

18. disrespecting parents
i’ve done it. i do it. i should stop. sorry mom and dad.

19. something that never fails to make you better
my friends, always.

20. the last argument you had?
it was stupid and with someone who i shouldn’t have had it with. if you complain about something one time, and that person doesn’t change, it is because they don’t want to. lesson learned.

21. something you can’t seem to get over?
i can get over anything..

22. 5 things about you people don’t really expect
i like to read, i am really shy when i talk in front of more than 5 people, i paint when i am sad. okay i know that’s only three but i am on a time crunch and thinking about more just takes too long.

23. something you always think “what if…” about
what if i would have ended it sooner…

24. things you want to say to 5 different people
i love you. thank you. how do you put up with me? sorry. goodbye.

25. 10 ways to win your heart
grand gestures & sincerity. but i guess ill just go with sincerity. the rest, i would rather keep it to myself.

26. your religious beliefs
i have none.

27. talk about your siblings.
i don’t have any.

28. the month you were happiest this year and why?
all 12.

29. a picture of yourself

30. what changed this month an what you hope will happen?
feelings. i wont get them ever again.

thanks mom&dad, i know you read this too.

talk to the hand

pride. /praɪd/ Show Spelled [prahyd]; noun, verb, prid·ed, prid·ing: the state or feeling of being proud.

pride can cause personal distruction. it can cause pain on others and to yourself. being prideful about certain things is great, but when it comes to relationships, those with family, friends or even a significant other, pride can completely ruin that relationship. some think that if you give in, you look weak, but i honestly feel that if you give in you are still fighting for something or someone you believe in. wouldn’t you rather try and resolve an issue instead of not speaking to someone because of your pride.. i think people need to learn to let things go. people need to admit they are wrong when they are wrong. this is where i feel the whole pride issue comes into play, people who are wrong, are stubborn and just can’t admit it. if that is the case and you want to stick to your ground, think about the things you will lose instead of what you will gain.

of course i am not going to sit here and say that i have never let my pride get the best of me, but as i have gotten older, i have come to realize i would rather discuss the situation at hand and talk about it, rather than stick to the silent treatment. sometimes you don’t need to apologize to show you care.

“It is better to lose your pride with someone you love rather than to lose that someone you love with your useless pride.” – john ruskin

**photo circa halloween 1990.

sales make my heart skip a beat

blooop. blooop. my phone goes off, and i see i have a new email. i check it and to my surprise it was from my best friend everrrrr, steve madden. i like to call him steve, and he likes to call me customer #4534266342785543. (as you can tell we have a very close relationship). when i get emails from him, i take them verrry seriously because when there is a sale at steve madden, there is a SALE. i proceeded to minimize all my work windows and opened up firefox. here i come!  i go to the clearence section, scroll down and there they are… my shoes. i have been stalking looking for these shoes on every possible website for months now because my supposed best friend steve sold out in my size eons ago. i hold my breath as i click the thumb sized picture to see the other colors. taupe suede.. taupe suede i keep repeating to myself. praying they have that color still available. they do. whew. i let out a big gust of air that causes my coworkers to ask me if i am okay.. i let them know now is NOT the time. then, i realize i still have to pick a size because unfortunately shoes don’t run in a one size fits all style. i gasp for air as i click the size option.. and they only have one size, and it is MY SIZE! i quickly pick one quantity and go checkout. i got them. i love them and in five to seven business day i will be placing them on my feet.

btw, i went back on to steve’s site about 7 minutes after so i could show a friend my fabulous deal and the shoe was taken down. i bought the only one left. fate i tell you, fate<3. 



leave gossiping to the ladies.. thanks

you know what i love, i love when guys put down girls for gossiping. “naah you all talk so much shit” or  “do you ever stop talking about people?” are usually the phrases my guy friends like to utter. okay, now pause. these statements would be okay if a) you didn’t talk shit yourself.  b) when you find something out you don’t run and tell your boys. or c) you don’t fabricate what happened with a girl so you can look cool in front of your friends.   see the difference between guys gossiping and girls gossiping… we like to inform each other about what other girls are doing with their lives (you know like if samantha is still sleeping with guy 1 guy 2 guy 3 and guy 4), not about the people we are sleeping with/dating/crushing, or whatever the hell you want to call it. guys on the other hand, like to tell their stories (i won’t use the word gossip because i don’t want to offend any of you cry babies out there) with a nice little twist. why do you need to look cool in front of you friends?.. you know its okay to have feelings.. WHAAAT? i know, who would have thought?! it is funny though cause guys never tell their friends the good stuff about a girl, and if they do they throw in a lot of sexual references and “dawgs”. well boys, one thing you don’t know is just like guys have that little phrase “bros before hoes” we have one too, “chicks before dicks”. so you gossiping telling stories to your guy friends,  and you think it remains just between the two of you – you’re absolutely mistaken. that guy is going to then call one of his boys, and that boy will then tell ALL his boys, and then guess what, let one girl be present… it will get back to the girl. we always find out. if you have not learned this as of yet then you have a hard life ahead of you. we are crazy. i will be the first to admit i have a screw or two loose, but who doesn’t? this is why you need to leave the stories gossiping to the girls. we will never offend you unless you have been mean to us and we will never make you look bad… unless you have been mean to us. which is why there is a huge difference between guys and girls when it comes to sharing information. gossiping comes as second nature to us… we do it without knowing we are doing it. this is a new thing that has been introduced to men… and it needs to stop. you make girls feel bad even if you are just their friends… girls can take shit from other girls but when guys say it, or if a girl hears that her guy has said this about her… to her it isn’t a friendly little exchange of words.. it is a lot more serious than that, which is why guys need to zip it, and leave the rumor spreading to the people who know how to do it best.

happy. bottom line.

have you ever just been happy. that kind of happy where you just feel a little nervous that something awful might happen because everything else seems to be so perfect. i don’t think in my 22 years of living i have ever been 100 percent happy in every aspect of my life, until now. this is what happy feels like. i always thought i was happy before but i guess somethings could have always been better, but right now… everything just seems to be falling in place.**knocks on wood**


… now if only someone would buy me a puppy, my world would be complete.

ew, new balance.

this message is directed to men who wear new balance sneakers on and off the field. the only places they should be worn is at the gym, on a basketball court/football field/golf course/track, etc. if you are wearing new balance sneakers on dates, at work, at parties, and/or any venue that is not sport related, please direct yourself to the nearest cliff and jump off. (okay, that might have been a tad bit harsh…)

i don’t mean to be picky, but lets just play the role reversal game for a second. you see a pretty girl, wearing a pretty dress.. you look her up.. you start to look her down and BAM she is wearing a pair of new balance sneakers. what would be the first thing to cross your mind? how about WHAT THE EFF IS SHE WEARING? i am just guessing in the dark here, but that is definitely what would cross my mind. there is something about new balance sneakers that adds about 16 years to your look and completely demotes you to being worst dressed, no matter how awesome your outfit might be.

you might not think shoes are a big deal, but they are all part of your first impression.  just like new balance sneakers pretty much are a deal breaker for a guy, so are air force ones. those are so middle school. i get annoyed when i see guys wearing them still.. to this day! and then they get irritated when their shoes get scuffed. really? you are concerned that your precious shoes are going to get dirty, then why would you wear them to a club or a party, news flash you aren’t walking around in a bubble.

.. just saying