sleepless in seattle

have you ever just been completely excited about something and you don’t know what to do with yourself? you plan something months in advance and never think the day is ever going to get come. those long agonizing months fly by, and all of a sudden realize that that something is less than a week away…then 3 days away, & before you know it, it’s the day before and you just don’t know how you are supposed to focus on anything? trips/vacations, no matter the duration or where you are going, always make you feel like a little kid. takes me back to when i was a youngster and it was the night before a trip to disney. sleep? yeah rightttt. i would lay awake in my bed with wide eyes waiting anxiously until it was 4 or 5 am. that feeling in your stomach of utter excitement is unexplainable, your stomach is in knots, you are anxious, but that good kind of anxious, hoping any minute your parents will wake up and say “okay it is time to go!”

leading up to the night before is the sucky part. i hate packing. mainly because i always over pack and get this pit in my stomach that has been formed because of my tendencies to leave something important behind.  i never know what to wear on a vacation. this is what i love about vacations, everyone dresses to impress. vacations call for new clothes, new shoes, you get your nails done, you go to the extremes to make sure you look good when you go on vacation.  i always pick out all my cutest outfits and lay them out, but end up not wearing half of the things i take with me. 7 pairs of pants, 5 dress , 3 skirts, wedges, heels, sneakers, sandals, boots, rain boots, flip flops… the whole shebang, all for a 4 day trip. you know JUST IN CASE… you happen to climb a mountain or go to an extravagant event, or maybe even meet the president… i like to think about all of the possibilities. this trip i decided to be efficient and make a packing list. (also because i have this weird fear that my suitcase will get lost in transit so i have decided to pack light, so there is no way my bag will be able to leave my sight!)i leave tomorrow on my trip to seattle. i have made the list, but i have not started to actually pack anything. (except of course my camera.. which is already placed in my suitcase.) how exciting is going to a new city that you have never been to? ahhh seattle<3, where i can walk the same streets as meredith and derrick (if you don’t get the reference please refer to this), maybe turn on the radio and catch an episode of Fraiser … and if i am oh so lucky, catch a fish at the fish market like in the real world seattle. is it sad that i am basing everything i want to do in seattle around all my favorite tv shows? naah i didn’t think so.


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