quickly losing faith in humanity..

We hear about shootings every day. Everyday something happens around the world that leaves me in awe, but today, today for some reason it hit home. I got to work like I normally do, opened Facebook only to find my timeline flooded with footage, images and articles of two journalists who were shot and killed in Virginia.

cnvluwrukaao-bl-1These two journalists were my age. They were doing a job they loved and their lives were taken for what reason?  ALL LIVES matter. Not any specific color, not any specific gender, religion, sexual orientation, whoever the fuck you are, whatever you believe in, you deserve to live. You deserve to die at an old age, not because you were shot and killed while at work.

As an American, I live in a country where situations like this should not be happening.  Why should I be scared to go to work, to go to the movies or what is next, grocery shopping? I shouldn’t have to live my life in fear. When I have kids am I going to have to homeschool them because who knows what the world will be like in 10 years.

I just don’t understand how some people have so much hate in their hearts. Instead of every one arguing over what idiotic thing Donald Trump said last night, can we please find a way to eliminate the hate from the world. I just feel like with every step forward we take to make this world a better place, we take 15 back.

To the families of the two journalists in Virginia, I send my deepest condolences.


you can thank me later.

i have been a magazine hoarder these last few months, and a few days ago i finally decided to go through my endless collection of very informative magazines, and by informative of course i am talking about vogue, cosmo and self. if you want i can sit here and give you a synopsis of the do’s and don’ts in the fashion world, how to properly have a fight via text with your boyfriend and share about 47 recipes, and exercises that i plan to incorporate in my life sometime this millennium, or,  i can just tell you my absolute favorite discovery, an app. yes, as in an application for you cell phone (well only iPhone/ipad and android users) everyone else, cmon now… we are in 2013.

this app is unlike any app out there. this one is geared for the person who enjoys the fit life, needs some motivation while working out, or just wants to listen to some damn good mixes. i can promise you, this app will become your new best friend.

back in the day i used to download my own music, upload the songs to my itunes,  spend hours making a playlist that i eventually would get sick of and never listen to again. then, i thought with the discovery of pandora, my life was changed forever, but with pandora comes the same 20 songs and commercials every 10 minutes – yes time is saved, but the aggravation still lingers. about a week ago, while i was flipping through self (or was it women’s health, maybe it was fitness magazine)  there was a list of apps for the fitness junkie. i had most of them, since i always download the latest calorie counter or fad diet app, use it for a week then forget it exists. mixed in the list was FIT RADIO, an app for those who like to workout.

fitradiothe concept behind FIT radio, is like pandora but not, because it is so much better. NO commercials, just the best workout mixes in the entire world. after i downloaded the app i had to try it out, so i went for a run, and if you know me the stair master i’d die for, but a treadmill…. lets just say i would rather do 100 burpees!  i ran for so long that by the time i had realized i was running, it had been15 minutes! i almost went into cardiac arrest when i discovered i ran for so long with out a single negative thought and cursing the person who invented a treadmill in my head. it had to be FIT Radio. it was like a new romance had just sparked. i wanted to tell everyone about it, and this week  i found my self getting excited at the thought of doing cardio.

what is so awesome about FIT Radio? well, you can choose a genre geared to your target BPM. the application also offers stations targeted to a certain workout – 10k/5k run, zumba!, 90’s in the gym etc. it even offers a station for our beloved meat heads. FIT radio’s mission is to increase motivation, stimulate endorphins, and amp workouts, and i can testify, it does. OH, and did i mention, IT IS FREE.

i put it to test yesterday in my gym class. the instructor needed music, so i generously offered my phone. after each song that played i could hear people “omg this mix is awesome,” and i gushed to myself as if i was the dj that created the mix.


please place the tiara on my head

i will do the honors and crown myself as the queen of online shopping, and no, not just online shopping, BARGAIN online shopping. of course, i would love to be able to online shop as if i just won the lotto, but i am not quite at that baller status yet, and a girl has gotta save, so i do quite a bit of online shopping. and by “quite a bit” i do mean every free minute i have. i love going to boutiques around miami and laughing at what they charge for the same shirt i found online. seriously, why would i pay $65 for a skull shirt when i know at least four different online sites (that i visit on the reg.) that are selling them for $24.99 – $32. ugh sorry, i’d rather buy two shirts for the price of one, if ya know what i mean.

but i am real bitchy about telling people where i have found my bargains. i have this theory that if too many people start buying from them, then their prices will go up, and that will totally ruin my game plan! maybe by the end of this post i will develop a soft spot for my followers and share one of them.

tip: best way to save with online shopping is to sign up for their newsletters. yes it sucks getting spammed a million times a day by countless companies, but most of the time, those emails contain lots of beneficial information. for example, one of the new websites i found, i signed up for the newsletter, as i browsed the website, of course had a cart full of items but didn’t actually purchase yet. sure enough i check my email a few hours later and most of the items i had selected had gone on sale, 40% off. that was music to my ears. i literally could have cried from excitement.

tip: lets say you fell in love with a pair of shoes on a website like sam edelmanfind out what the name of the shoe is, go to google, search the shoe (under shopping) and it will show you all the places where you can purchase that shoe, and how much. i do it all the time, and save myself SO MUCH MONEY!

tip: before checkout, google the website you are on, followed by coupons. sometimes you will find awesome coupons, sometimes you won’t, but it doesn’t hurt to check it out.

tip: social media does goes a long way. most companies give you a discount just for liking them on facebook, or following them on twitter.

so today, as i was doing my usual online shopping i came across this super cute tribal sweater. of course i look on all of my websites, since they pretty much carry the same clothes, and here is the perfect example of WHY you should look around before purchasing.



buuut the best thing about tobi is you get 50% off your first purchase. ugh talk about a deal! – https://www.tobi.com/i/MzY3NTIx%0A

two burns and a horrible stomach ache later

how my night ended, two burns, and my boyfriend having to cut my food for me, since i was handicapped. i know, i know, HUGE BRAT!

first i would like to start off with a suggestion, pinterest needs to have a please don’t try this at home warning under all images of food. with that said, i will tell you about my attempt to make a caprice dip with garlic bread, asparagus with balsamic tomatoes, chicken rollatini with spinach alla parmigiana (fancy, i know) and brownies for dessert. i don’t know if you know this about me but i can’t cook. no seriously, i can’t. i learned how to peel an onion during my third year of college, and that was ground breaking. eggs, i’ve perfected, well only scrambled, and anything i can heat up in the microwave I AM YOUR GIRL!

at this point i am sure you are asking yourself “why would you do that to yourself, and try and make a four course meal?” well duh cause i have a boyfriend and i need to let him know i can do other things than shop and complain. at least this was my grand idea around 4pm monday. did all the grocery shopping during lunch, i even chopped up the tomatoes, i was ready to take on my kitchen as soon as i got home from work. all i kept thinking was “go big or go home.”

what i should have done was order out. first i took out all the ingredients, so far so good. i decided to start with the chicken rollatini with spinach alla parmigiana (i love the name) since it took the longest. well after the third attempt of adding ingredients, then realizing i added the wrong ingredient to that bowl and it was supposed to go in another bowl, i finally got it… or so i thought. it wasn’t until i had to bread the chicken that i realized thaaaats why i needed the egg, and it wasn’t supposed to be in the spinach concoction i made. whoops, hope he doesn’t notice. as i stare at the chicken, which the directions clearly said i wouldn’t need toothpicks to hold them together, and that they would easily stick – yeah my ass, my chicken con spinach looked NOTHING like the picture. a perfect example of a “nailed it” image.

the chicken goes into the oven, and i start on the asparagus, which was pretty easy. some how i managed to cook the asparagus, prepare the mozzarella for the caprice dip and make the brownie batter all while the chicken was baking. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW WOMEN DO THIS! i seriously have a new found respect for mothers who work all day, and have dinner on the table for their husbands, cause that sure as hell ain’t going to be me. chicken is done. asparagus is done, table is set and all that is left is the easiest thing, the caprice dip, which at this point has turned into my enemy. the cheese wouldn’t melt, or it did melt but it all stuck together and didn’t quite look like a dip, more like a block of cheese. FAIL. now i take the dish out of the scorching hot oven and as i am doing this i almost drop the dish, so what is my first reaction “hey superwoman, the dish isn’t hot, you didn’t just take it out of the oven, lets just grab it with your bare hand.” obviously, i curse everything in sight, and promise myself I WILL NEVER COOK AGAIN! hmph. i mean it’s not for everyone right. some people can’t swim, others can’t ride a bike, i can’t cook. there i said it, I CAN’T COOK!

my boyfriend was a good sport, and ate the food with a smile on his face.  he did inform me that he woke up in the middle of the night with the worst stomach ache of his life… oh well, at least he didn’t die. (as you can tell i am the cup half full kinda girl) but i now have two of the worst burns i have ever had in my life, the food kind of resembled food, and i did not have to call miami-dade fire rescue, so i guess that’s a plus.oh wait, and my boyfriend told me i never have to cook for him again, mission accomplished.

meet the parents part 4.

new relationships call for added stress. good stress of course. tonight, i am going to meet my boyfriend’s parents for the first time. this is not something i tend to do quite often, for the mere fact that the word boyfriend usually sends me running the other way. i am anti-relationships. anti-boyfriends. i like doing me, but somehow, i have found my way into a relationship and couldn’t be happier. besides the obvious, what if they hate me, what if we have nothing to talk about, what if more food ends up on my shirt than in my mouth .. situations that keep crossing my mind i have the what should i wear factor. of course i am sure i am not the only girl in the universe to stress over this, so i thought i would shed some light on this situation.

appropriate attire: jeans. blazer. blouse. flats. dress (not too short/ not too tight). long skirt.

inappropriate attire: shorts. flip flops. too much cleavage. clubbing attire. stripper heels.

if your nails are chipping, take the polish off. ALL OF IT. should you take something? YES! something small. make-up, minimal. do not look like you are going out with your girlfriends to pick up some guys, remember you have a man now, time to be conservative.


Imagejuicy jeans, michael kors clutch, blowfish flats, h&m blouse.


as i type this my heart is beating probably a million miles a minute. it is the type of nervous i get when i have to speak in front of a group of people 15+. as an outgoing person, this is weird.. i never get nervous but right now, i can barely breathe. i will most likely take a brown bag with me, so if need be, i can hyperventilate into that. wish me luck.

oh heyyyy

hello. long time no see, AGAIN. every time i get on this thing i feel like i am apologizing for being such a horrible blogger. (that is because i am… at this point i am averaging about one post every three weeks.) i have just been oh so busy. new job. new boyfriend. friends. weddings. time just seems to be slipping right out of my hands. i wish i had a day where i can just sit at home all day and do everything i keep finding on pinterest, blog and watch tv. work consumes my life. then its the gym. then it is finding time to be with my family, bf and friends. oh and of course there is this thing called sleep. but at this point, who needs it. i am lucky if i get to sleep 6 hours a night.

this is me dropping a quick hello… so hello ;]

you ain’t sexy, and i know it.

what is it about men that gives them this utter confidence to think they are hot shit and can just do as they please. i am in disbelief right now and hope that i am not the only one. you go out, you meet a guy, you have great conversation, you then give him your number.. if he calls, he calls, if he doesn’t who cares. (at least that’s how i look at it..) so lets just say this guy does end up contacting you the next day…. you exchange a few texts, ya know … no biggie. day two of texting rolls around and after the “hello, how was your day text” you receive a picture.. and no not of him smiling, or of one of those funny/sarcastic ecards that one loves to receive (hint.. hint). this picture was of  him without his shirt on. WHAT THE FUCK? seriously? one, i did not ask for you to send me this picture, two i could have definitely done w. out it, unless you are sporting a six pack that looks absolutely delish (please refer to picture A below), then do not send shirtless pictures of yourself to anyone besides yo mama – unless, of course one asks for them.

the worst thing about this entire situation, is that this isn’t the first time a guy has done this. just because a girl has a conversation with you, DOES NOT MEAN SHE WANTS TO BONE YOU. i can’t grasp the way a man thinks. i just don’t get it. am i crazy? is it me who feels that this is completely uncalled for and out of line? are girls doing this? are they just sending pictures of themselves half naked saying “hey check it out, i just went HAM at the gym,” cause if they are, ladies please put your shirts back on and take one for the team. if i see one more unattractive picture sent to my cell phone i might have to gouge my eyes out.

picture a:

sexy six pack ryan gosling

point is, if you look like this, then please mass text me every shirtless picture you take. but if you don’t, then keep it to yourself. THANKKSSS.

this i promise you.

oh heyyy, did you think i forgot all about you, because i haven’t! we can blame my slight hiatus on my busy life. haha don’t i wish that was true, i blame it on the mere fact that nothing has interested me lately. no matter how tacky someones outfit has been or how annoying men are, they just have not reached that importance for me to write about. damn you writers block, damn you! well this busy life i am oh so quick to brag about has picked up and is becoming quite the exciting one. for starters, after countless interviews, trying to find a social media or pr job (which, was not an easy process, and definitely bruised my ego a little), i finally found one! i have traveled all across south florida, had a phone interview for a company in boston and one in chicago, to think “hell yeah i dominated that interview. for sure i am getting THIS job,” i finally was able to say it and well, it come true! this girl is EMPLOYED!  for those out there trying to find work, i completely understand. those who have a job, don’t take it for granted. nothing is worse than going out and shopping and seeing your bank account just quickly diminish. thank god my responsibilities are limited and i was able to stretch my money for as long as i could. expect when it came to my shopping addiction, no matter how broke i am i find myself at the mall.. ask me how i got there and i can’t tell you, it is like my car is on auto pilot and just takes me there – I SWEAR!

so this exciting life i mentioned, bet you are wondering what is so exciting about it. well, after about 7 years of my friends trying to get me to go to utlra, telling me i will have by far the best time of my life…. i finally went. fine… they were right. maybe not about ultra but about swedish house mafia. completely obsessed at the moment. i can’t stop talking about, thinking about, dreaming about it. i have never been one to be a fan of house music, but after this past weekend…. i have this new found love.

so besides ultra, and my new job, my life has consisted of, well… the gym and going out… and maybe pinterest. i have now planned out my wedding, my dream home, along with closets a girl could only dream of,  filled with clothes and purses i hope to one day afford. although, those are not excuses for me to have stopped writing… i have and i am sorry. i promise i will continue, if not for those who follow me, but for myself. writing is my outlet, i forget about what is going on around me and just let my fingers do the typing. (you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff they say, haha). people tend to put the things they love to do on the back burner because this thing called life gets in the way. moral of the story, if you love doing something, make time for it. this is my april resolution, who says you need to start jan. 1?

follow me on pinterest to see more of what i like, fitness tips, what i want to make, and what i hope my life will one day be!

flower bomb.

dear the women of miami, i have a little question for you, can someone please please PLEASE tell me why every female in dade-county has that stupid flower on their dashboard? the first time i saw this flower, it was about two months ago (which at the time, it was a growing fad and only 1 out of every 7 cars had it). i remember walking in a parking lot, glancing into a car and noticing this little flower/bobble head type thing on the dashboard. i am not going to lie, it startled me. it was just there, car off, no one in sight, just bobbing away. so either a ghost is sitting in the car having a time of its life, or there is something more to it. luckily, i was with one of my friends and she informed me that this is the “in” thing now and that everyone at her job has one. i of course ask her what it does, and she looks at me like i am from another planet, smiles and simply says “it does nothing, it just works off of solar power or something like that.” well now i must know more.. there has to be something else to it. there has to be a reason why everyone has this thing.  so i ask, well is it an air freshener? her reply is:  no, it literally does nothing. okay okay okay let me get this straight, thousands of women in miami are putting this little flower bobble head thing on their dashboard for no other purpose than it bobbles? i find it to be the most distracting ornament you can put in your car, especially with no sole purpose.

the more and more i see cars driving around with this flower, the more and more i have the urge to throw something at their car. (anger management, i know.) basically my days from that day that i discovered the little bobble head until now have consisted of wondering why people put this flower in their car.. actually today at a red light i was surrounded by them, so i just had to blog about it (and do a little research while i was at it). i found one that has a camera, okay .. i see the purpose in that. maybe for your house, i don’t really see the point of having one in your car.. i mean if someone is going to steal your car, i am pretty sure you won’t be getting your flower back, but i will give it to those who are ubber paranoid. but i knew that couldn’t be right, i know that all these women in miami can’t be this paranoid. i turned to my trusty friend google to find out more, and i found them on another website. apparently they aren’t called flower bobble heads but rather solar motion dancing flip flap flowers – i like my name better. so these flip flap flowers cost about $4, which is another reason why people  have these mock gardens on their dashboards, this tacky trend is cheap.

this is the description found on that website: Solar Motion Dancing Flowers are a must have for any desk or room! Solar Powered Dancing Flowers, also known as Flip Flap Flower or Flip Flop Flowers, are the cutest thing you can put on your desk, car dashboard, or table. These solar powered flowers do not require batteries…ever! Imagine how much you’ll save on not having to buy batteries for your Solar Flower. It’s almost like you will be making money on these cute dancing flowers (sunlight is free, after all). Put a Solar Dancing Flower on your desk to add some color, motion, and inspiration to your workspace.

first of all, these are not, i repeat are NOT the cutest thing you can put on your desk, or car. luckily no one i know has one on their desk or i would go around using it as a softball. secondly, “these solar powered flowers do not require batteries… ever! imagine how much money you’ll save not having to buy batteries” well just imagine how much more money you would save if you don’t buy one of these flip flap flipity flop flowers.. and that would be four dollars, or $3.99 to be exact. third, are they really trying to sell it that you can make money off of this? unless this flower can use the solar power it is storing to run my car, or spit out money, then i don’t see how i will be making any money off of this useless object.

the oscars, silent but deadly.

the oscars. you met and surpassed all my expectations. first off, cirque du soleil, WOW. incredible. words can’t describe how amazing that performance was. if you haven’t seen it, well you are in luck, i added the video at the bottom of this post. highlights of the night: the dictator, aka sacha baron coen spilling an urn all over ryan seacrest, which completely made my night. except for the fact that ryan then decided to let every single person who he had to interview after the incident know about what happen and how he had pancake mix all over himself. i find that man extremely annoying, but on a positive note, emma stone is probably the cutest thing ever. i am obsessed with her and her quirky facial expressions! congrats to the artist, an amazing movie that deserved every award that it won. although, most of the movies that were nominated (at least the 5 that I saw, deserved some kind of award… i hate to see the faces of the people who don’t win, it just breaks my heart). so congrats jean dujadrin for winning, and staring in the first silent film to win an award since the 1920’s. (and how can you not love him, he was so cute and happy during his speech!)

oh yeah, lets talk about how 85% of the women who attended this 84th Academy Awards completely blew me away with their dresses, their flawless makeup and the gorgeous men who accompanied them, this award show would have to go down as a success in my book.


i can confidently say that there were more best dressed than worst dressed, and it was very hard to pick just one BEST dressed. i would like to add that the ladies of comedy ( Tina Fey, Kristen Wigg, Emma Stone, Anna Faris) did an exceptional job. round of applause please… with that said, my best dressed would have to go to maria menounos

of course those were just my favorites, there were plenty of other ladies and men who blew me away, but just didn’t make the cut.

who was your best dressed? worst? favorite part of the oscars? LET A SISTA KNOW!

click here to see the cirque du soleil performance