oh i’ll cry you a river

today, i heard the worst news i have heard in a long time. my soon to be husband is marrying another woman! justin timberlake “supposedly” is going to put a ring on jessica biels finger. this can’t be happening! i was supposed to marry him! since fourth grade, i have been writing mrs. timberlake on all my papers, and today i find this out. GET OUTTA HERE! stupid jessica biel is tired of being a bridesmaid and they are now talking wedding plans. really jessica, that sounds like a personal problem to me.

and if that news wasn’t devistating enough, my baby boo britney spears is getting hitched as well. listen up justin, if you arent marrying me, the least you can do is get back with brit! make all of our dreams come true, then you guys can go back to wearing those cute matching jean outfits and calling eachother by those cute little nicknames – pinky and stinky!


3 responses

  1. Justin and Jessica??? Oh no…

    I think it all went down-hill for Britney as soon as she left Justin… leaving him was the biggest mistake she made.

    But I don’t think it’ll ever work again…which I hate, because I TOTALLY think they were meant for each other too. 😦

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