players are going to playyy

when do you get to the age when you stop playing those stupid relationship games? when does the “i wonder if he is going to call” or the “i am just going to ignore the whole situation” blow over. i don’t see why these things need to be done. i have experienced it, my girl friends have experienced it and my guy friends do it. why do we find the need to test how the person feels? if you like someone, then like them. stop hiding around corners, stop making up excuses and most importantly let them know. this isn’t high school anymore where you are mean to the person you like, i would like to think that most of us have progressed and no longer have that same mentality. but then again, i know this is not how men work or women for that matter.

on saturday, i was approached by a 13 year old asking for advice about girls. i asked him, do you want to be the player or do you want to be the romantic (because there is a HUGE difference on the type of girls you will get and the way to act around them.) he said the player, yay society for continuing this terrible tradition. i told him the trick to getting any girl is to ignore her. there is nothing that drives a woman crazy more than being ignored. thats the secret. there is nothing else to it (yeah guys, us girls know all about it). i let him know that girls fall for assholes, they have and they always will. i don’t know why we all want to be masochist, as if the guy who will treat us with respect and send us flowers isn’t good enough.. we would rather sit at home waiting for the guy who pays no attention to us. something is seriously wrong with that picture.

anyways, my weekend turned out exactly how i wanted it too.. except instead of drinking a lot of wine i replaced it with about 6 or 7 tequila shots. you can just assume how my night turned out… not too pretty.


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