moi, love thy self.

i love you, but i love myself more – sex&thecity

i don’t think i have dedicated a weekend entirely to spoiling myself. i mean, granted i have spoiled myself in the shopping spree sorta way.. but that’s not what i am talking about. i am talking about the spend countless hours of my day laying in a tub full of bubbles, reading the new book i just picked up from barnes and nobble (i go there frequently, hoping to meet my future boyfriend… you know the only place you can meet decent guys in miami… or at least smart ones). i want my fingers to be pruney and the edges of my book to form that wave it gets when the pages get wet. i want to sit in that tub with a bottle of wine and just enjoy me. i want to spend my weekend painting, which i haven’t done in so long! i want to lose myself in the brush.. and the canvas. i want to forget about everything and just think about nothing… does that make sense? every weekend for the past 2 years i have gone out, either to a party or to a club.. my body has been drowned in alcohol and it is begging me to breathe. so that is what i am going to do this weekend, i am going to celebrate myself. except saturday night,  i can’t pass up watching my gators play.

things i will do this weekend:
lock myself in my room and just blast the music.
catch up on movies (any suggestions, let me know!)
bubble bath
read my new book
drink lots of wine
watch my gators play
no make up. let my hair down – lion status
bake something
do my nails
give myself a facial

and if i have time, organize my closet.

i am really excited ;x

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