sales make my heart skip a beat

blooop. blooop. my phone goes off, and i see i have a new email. i check it and to my surprise it was from my best friend everrrrr, steve madden. i like to call him steve, and he likes to call me customer #4534266342785543. (as you can tell we have a very close relationship). when i get emails from him, i take them verrry seriously because when there is a sale at steve madden, there is a SALE. i proceeded to minimize all my work windows and opened up firefox. here i come!  i go to the clearence section, scroll down and there they are… my shoes. i have been stalking looking for these shoes on every possible website for months now because my supposed best friend steve sold out in my size eons ago. i hold my breath as i click the thumb sized picture to see the other colors. taupe suede.. taupe suede i keep repeating to myself. praying they have that color still available. they do. whew. i let out a big gust of air that causes my coworkers to ask me if i am okay.. i let them know now is NOT the time. then, i realize i still have to pick a size because unfortunately shoes don’t run in a one size fits all style. i gasp for air as i click the size option.. and they only have one size, and it is MY SIZE! i quickly pick one quantity and go checkout. i got them. i love them and in five to seven business day i will be placing them on my feet.

btw, i went back on to steve’s site about 7 minutes after so i could show a friend my fabulous deal and the shoe was taken down. i bought the only one left. fate i tell you, fate<3. 




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    • yeah except steve madden ended up emailing me telling me that my shoes are out of stock. i was completely heart broken when i read that email! sign up for the steve madden newsletter, they send one about once a week and it says when they are having midday madness and they have great sales during those hours!

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