flower bomb.

dear the women of miami, i have a little question for you, can someone please please PLEASE tell me why every female in dade-county has that stupid flower on their dashboard? the first time i saw this flower, it was about two months ago (which at the time, it was a growing fad and only 1 out of every 7 cars had it). i remember walking in a parking lot, glancing into a car and noticing this little flower/bobble head type thing on the dashboard. i am not going to lie, it startled me. it was just there, car off, no one in sight, just bobbing away. so either a ghost is sitting in the car having a time of its life, or there is something more to it. luckily, i was with one of my friends and she informed me that this is the “in” thing now and that everyone at her job has one. i of course ask her what it does, and she looks at me like i am from another planet, smiles and simply says “it does nothing, it just works off of solar power or something like that.” well now i must know more.. there has to be something else to it. there has to be a reason why everyone has this thing.  so i ask, well is it an air freshener? her reply is:  no, it literally does nothing. okay okay okay let me get this straight, thousands of women in miami are putting this little flower bobble head thing on their dashboard for no other purpose than it bobbles? i find it to be the most distracting ornament you can put in your car, especially with no sole purpose.

the more and more i see cars driving around with this flower, the more and more i have the urge to throw something at their car. (anger management, i know.) basically my days from that day that i discovered the little bobble head until now have consisted of wondering why people put this flower in their car.. actually today at a red light i was surrounded by them, so i just had to blog about it (and do a little research while i was at it). i found one that has a camera, okay .. i see the purpose in that. maybe for your house, i don’t really see the point of having one in your car.. i mean if someone is going to steal your car, i am pretty sure you won’t be getting your flower back, but i will give it to those who are ubber paranoid. but i knew that couldn’t be right, i know that all these women in miami can’t be this paranoid. i turned to my trusty friend google to find out more, and i found them on another website. apparently they aren’t called flower bobble heads but rather solar motion dancing flip flap flowers – i like my name better. so these flip flap flowers cost about $4, which is another reason why people  have these mock gardens on their dashboards, this tacky trend is cheap.

this is the description found on that website: Solar Motion Dancing Flowers are a must have for any desk or room! Solar Powered Dancing Flowers, also known as Flip Flap Flower or Flip Flop Flowers, are the cutest thing you can put on your desk, car dashboard, or table. These solar powered flowers do not require batteries…ever! Imagine how much you’ll save on not having to buy batteries for your Solar Flower. It’s almost like you will be making money on these cute dancing flowers (sunlight is free, after all). Put a Solar Dancing Flower on your desk to add some color, motion, and inspiration to your workspace.

first of all, these are not, i repeat are NOT the cutest thing you can put on your desk, or car. luckily no one i know has one on their desk or i would go around using it as a softball. secondly, “these solar powered flowers do not require batteries… ever! imagine how much money you’ll save not having to buy batteries” well just imagine how much more money you would save if you don’t buy one of these flip flap flipity flop flowers.. and that would be four dollars, or $3.99 to be exact. third, are they really trying to sell it that you can make money off of this? unless this flower can use the solar power it is storing to run my car, or spit out money, then i don’t see how i will be making any money off of this useless object.