oh heyyyy

hello. long time no see, AGAIN. every time i get on this thing i feel like i am apologizing for being such a horrible blogger. (that is because i am… at this point i am averaging about one post every three weeks.) i have just been oh so busy. new job. new boyfriend. friends. weddings. time just seems to be slipping right out of my hands. i wish i had a day where i can just sit at home all day and do everything i keep finding on pinterest, blog and watch tv. work consumes my life. then its the gym. then it is finding time to be with my family, bf and friends. oh and of course there is this thing called sleep. but at this point, who needs it. i am lucky if i get to sleep 6 hours a night.

this is me dropping a quick hello… so hello ;]


talk to the hand

pride. /praɪd/ Show Spelled [prahyd]; noun, verb, prid·ed, prid·ing: the state or feeling of being proud.

pride can cause personal distruction. it can cause pain on others and to yourself. being prideful about certain things is great, but when it comes to relationships, those with family, friends or even a significant other, pride can completely ruin that relationship. some think that if you give in, you look weak, but i honestly feel that if you give in you are still fighting for something or someone you believe in. wouldn’t you rather try and resolve an issue instead of not speaking to someone because of your pride.. i think people need to learn to let things go. people need to admit they are wrong when they are wrong. this is where i feel the whole pride issue comes into play, people who are wrong, are stubborn and just can’t admit it. if that is the case and you want to stick to your ground, think about the things you will lose instead of what you will gain.

of course i am not going to sit here and say that i have never let my pride get the best of me, but as i have gotten older, i have come to realize i would rather discuss the situation at hand and talk about it, rather than stick to the silent treatment. sometimes you don’t need to apologize to show you care.

“It is better to lose your pride with someone you love rather than to lose that someone you love with your useless pride.” – john ruskin

**photo circa halloween 1990.