gtl babbyyy

the gym. i have plenty of things to say about the gym. one, why do guys think it is appropriate to hit on girls while they are at the gym. we are sweaty and smelly and look gross, the last thing i want to do is to be asked for my number while i am doing squats or leg presses. there is a time and place for everything and the gym is NOT the time or the place. complaint number one.

attire. i don’t know if i should start with women or men. who is the genius that started  the “sandal wearing trend” at the gym. SERIOUSLY, i hope a weight falls on your foot. why in the hell would you ever wear sandals to them gym! it is like a girl wearing heels to the gym, completely inappropriate. then there are the jean shorts. i cringe when i see a guy wearing jean shorts at the gym. i know very well you have basketball shorts in your house, so why do you opt for the jean shorts.. cmon.

next order of business, this is for the ladies… why do some girls go to the gym with so much makeup on that they resemble a clown. you do know you are at the gym, and you do know you sweat and make up tends to run.. personally i think girls who wear a considerable amount of make up to the gym look absolutely ridiculous. but that is just my opinion.

then there are the girls tend to wear those biker shorts that are so far up their ass that they spend the majority of the time they are at the gym picking their wedgies. they then complain and get loud with guy when they stare/make rude comments. if you don’t want to get attention don’t dress for your night job on the corner of 49th street


what i love.. seeing older woman completely decked out head to toe in the same color. you know those 50 some year olds that never left the 80s. They wear red tights with a red tank with red shoes and then as if that isn’t enough they wear a red scrunchie! i love  it. i always smirk when i see this and think to myself, i hope this never happens to me, unless of course i look like jane fonda.