please place the tiara on my head

i will do the honors and crown myself as the queen of online shopping, and no, not just online shopping, BARGAIN online shopping. of course, i would love to be able to online shop as if i just won the lotto, but i am not quite at that baller status yet, and a girl has gotta save, so i do quite a bit of online shopping. and by “quite a bit” i do mean every free minute i have. i love going to boutiques around miami and laughing at what they charge for the same shirt i found online. seriously, why would i pay $65 for a skull shirt when i know at least four different online sites (that i visit on the reg.) that are selling them for $24.99 – $32. ugh sorry, i’d rather buy two shirts for the price of one, if ya know what i mean.

but i am real bitchy about telling people where i have found my bargains. i have this theory that if too many people start buying from them, then their prices will go up, and that will totally ruin my game plan! maybe by the end of this post i will develop a soft spot for my followers and share one of them.

tip: best way to save with online shopping is to sign up for their newsletters. yes it sucks getting spammed a million times a day by countless companies, but most of the time, those emails contain lots of beneficial information. for example, one of the new websites i found, i signed up for the newsletter, as i browsed the website, of course had a cart full of items but didn’t actually purchase yet. sure enough i check my email a few hours later and most of the items i had selected had gone on sale, 40% off. that was music to my ears. i literally could have cried from excitement.

tip: lets say you fell in love with a pair of shoes on a website like sam edelmanfind out what the name of the shoe is, go to google, search the shoe (under shopping) and it will show you all the places where you can purchase that shoe, and how much. i do it all the time, and save myself SO MUCH MONEY!

tip: before checkout, google the website you are on, followed by coupons. sometimes you will find awesome coupons, sometimes you won’t, but it doesn’t hurt to check it out.

tip: social media does goes a long way. most companies give you a discount just for liking them on facebook, or following them on twitter.

so today, as i was doing my usual online shopping i came across this super cute tribal sweater. of course i look on all of my websites, since they pretty much carry the same clothes, and here is the perfect example of WHY you should look around before purchasing.



buuut the best thing about tobi is you get 50% off your first purchase. ugh talk about a deal! –


babbyyy im a b0$$

my oh so fun, exciting and glamorous job has turned into, well the complete opposite. i would refer to it as hells quarters, but it is so cold in my office that the reference is counter intuitive.  i wish i hated my job because of something insignificant.. something that could easily be fixed. but hate my JOB.. like my actual work. i hate everything that my boss has me doing. i have some how been demoted to being my boss’ for a lack of a better word, bitch. i don’t think i would mind so much if i was still dealing with public relations or social media, you know what i want to do with my life. i seriously have had the worst luck with bosses, from the cheapest man to walk the planet – dead serious, for our birthdays he would buy a muffin and split it into 6 ways…,  to a boss who still owes me money, and won’t pay up. now i deal with the boss i have now. i won’t say names, or name my place of business, but i shall refer to him as ahpima (a huge pain in my ass) or we can just call him lucifer.

lucifer, is a very wealthy man. how did he become wealthy you ask? well he invented some product that basically EVERYONE uses, and it can be found EVERYWHERE. he has about 19 different cars from lambos to audis to 3 different types of rolls royce’s, to about 15 different motor cycles just chilling in the warehouse at our office. besides owning basically every luxury car known to man, he also owns businesses up the ying yang. this guy will not be in the 99% any time soon. i will give it to him though, he is a very smart guy. he is a business man, he knows what to say and who to talk to. the man knows whats up.

what bothers me is how can one person be so petty? he has all this money, yet makes me sell things on ebay, stuff that really has no value. at least not to a man of his wealth. obviously if i was selling it and made money off of it, it would make an impact in my life, but it doesn’t even make a slight dent in his wallet. it just annoys me that he has all this money yet he can’t donate what he doesn’t want to charity. to goodwill? it makes me cringe and frustrates me. granted he might make about 7,000 dollars off of all of the things he is selling, but that would seriously not affect him in the slightest. my current project, selling 30 shirts that he has sitting in a box. the shirts are from the early 2000’s, so i wouldn’t even consider them vintage. these USED shirts have been sitting in a brown box for over 2 years, untouched. yet he wants me to sell them? really? there are people who need clothes on their backs… instead of him making a few extra bucks from them. pause, i need to explain these shirts to you.  they are some of the tackiest shirts i have ever seen. one is a jean shirt with cowboy boots on it? another has a cow farting… seriously, i can’t believe this is what my job has come to. to get back on topic, when i go through my closest and remove unwanted clothes, i never turn it in for money, i go and i donate it to someone less fortunate than me. of course people my age definitely do it as a way to earn a few extra bucks they can spend on drinks or on new clothes, and i think it is okay for us, i mean for one, we aren’t millionaires.

just like the kardashian clan, does he really need MORE money? should there be a cap to how much money you can make, like once you get to a billion thats it, youre done. you have reached your quota. i mean c’mon, who really needs more than a BILLION dollars? once you get to those numbers i think you and youre great great great grandkids are pretty much set. it has to be greed, like a fat person who wont share their food. my boss along with the kardashians and most extremely rich people just need to keep investing their money in more and more businesses, so they can have more of it. LET SOMEONE ELSE! or start paying your employees more, you know the ones who keep your company running, or your brand. if it wasn’t for the waitresses at your restaurant or customer service, or the people who are putting your name out their, you would evidentially be nothing. so instead of all these really rich people continuing to double their assets, they should give more to their employees.. after all a happy employee tends to put more effort into their work, and essentially will end up making you more money in the end.