quickly losing faith in humanity..

We hear about shootings every day. Everyday something happens around the world that leaves me in awe, but today, today for some reason it hit home. I got to work like I normally do, opened Facebook only to find my timeline flooded with footage, images and articles of two journalists who were shot and killed in Virginia.

cnvluwrukaao-bl-1These two journalists were my age. They were doing a job they loved and their lives were taken for what reason?  ALL LIVES matter. Not any specific color, not any specific gender, religion, sexual orientation, whoever the fuck you are, whatever you believe in, you deserve to live. You deserve to die at an old age, not because you were shot and killed while at work.

As an American, I live in a country where situations like this should not be happening.  Why should I be scared to go to work, to go to the movies or what is next, grocery shopping? I shouldn’t have to live my life in fear. When I have kids am I going to have to homeschool them because who knows what the world will be like in 10 years.

I just don’t understand how some people have so much hate in their hearts. Instead of every one arguing over what idiotic thing Donald Trump said last night, can we please find a way to eliminate the hate from the world. I just feel like with every step forward we take to make this world a better place, we take 15 back.

To the families of the two journalists in Virginia, I send my deepest condolences.


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