guuuuy re-lax.

if you are from miami you have probably seen the video “shit miami girls and guys say.” the people who made that video could not have been more on point. seriously, it was perfect, and a little embarrassing when watching it, especially when you realize you say pretty much everything mentioned. the video has inspired me, so here is my list:

you know you are from miami when…

1. there are more girls with fake boobs than real ones.

2. sweaters, uggs, hoodies and coats all come out when it hits 60 degrees outside, and you swear it has never been colder.

3. we give the key to the city to a rapper. pitbull, dale.

4. being rude is the new nice. people don’t believe in words like please and thank you.

5. a conversation isn’t complete unless the words: guy, dale, or bro have been used.

6. the average height for a man is 5’9.

7. hanging out with your friends consists of drinking or eating.. or both.

8. you root for the heat, dolphins or marlins, only when they are winning, and god forbid we actually win the championship you better believe calle ocho will be filled with plenty of cubans, along with every pot and pan in their home.

9. you don’t know what a blinker is. que?

10. the ultra countdowns begin the day after it ends.

11. going to the beach in january is normal.

12. you have said 305 til i die at least once in your life.

13. tailgating at a dolphins game has more of a turn out than the actual game.

14. knowing someone with a boat is a must.

15. flip flops, what are those? i wear chancletas.

16. men think the proper way to hit on a lady is by honking.

17. when your car is nicer than your house. whaaat it’s true?

18. you can do your grocery shopping while waiting at a red light.

19. every sports team is named after your city, miami dolphins, miami heat, miami marlins, miami hurricanes. (sorry FIU, you’re just not there yet)

guuuuuuy what do you think of life?


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