balls to the wall

as a woman we have essentials that we carry around with us everywhere we go. we have our wallets, cell phones, keys, four different pens, gum, headphones, sunglasses, lady products and of course make-up (because you never know where you are going to end up). we try to organize things so that way we don’t have everything just floating around our purses. wallets for our cash and credit cards, make-up cases for our well make-up, pencil cases for our pens, i mean really the list can go on and i am pretty sure you get the picture. but we have these things to make our lives easier.

now, let me introduce you to probably most practical product ever made for a woman. trust me, after i tell you what it is you are going to go out and buy it. swearZ. and the product is…. lip balm. haha i know, this was probably invented in the medieval times, but this isn’t like any other lip balm. this lip balm was made for the woman who has a purse bigger than a suitcase, for the woman who travels with her life but can never seem to find anything in her purse… and you can thank me later. it is called eos, it comes in a variety of flavors and is shaped like a ball, hence the ease of finding it in any size purse. i think the convenience factor outweighs every thing else, because it literally saves me from having to stop everything i am doing to then stick my head in my purse to search for my lip balm that can easily be mistaken for lipstick, pens, crayons, markers, liquid eye liner, a roll of pennies (don’t ask). i mean how many ball-shaped objects do you have in your purse? EXACTLY!

okay so why should you run out to cvs and buy it? one. convenience. two. it is organic. three. it moisturizes your lips. four. conversation starter. (i have had almost every flavor of this balm and no matter where i am, no matter what color the little egg-shaped lip balm is, i always get stopped and asked about it. the first thing i tell them is… CONVENIENCE – GO GET IT!!) five. i love mint, and their mint lip balm is, well, the shit.


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