have you seen candice?

i guess i should start off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR. i am very disappointed in myself, 10 days into the new year and this is my first post, i put my head down in shame. 2012 huh? this is supposed to be a big year for me. i am 23 years old, i have the world at my feet.. but how do i take that first step in beginning my life and set out to do everything i envision myself doing? how do you actually start your life? yes, technically my life began the second i came out of my mothers’ hooha, but that was the pre-game. the last 23 years have been a warm up, the mere stretch before a marathon… my life starts now. i have been out of school for almost 2 years, i have had countless jobs that have left me miserable and discouraged. do i want to continue doing what i am doing? do i want to start something new? now is a better time than any to find myself, as cliche as that sounds. what i know i want to do is move away, i know i want to go to school again, and i know that i want to write. now, where do i want to go? no idea. what do i want to go to school for? again, no idea. what do i want to write about? ha.. stumped. basically i am lost. i might be suffering from a mid-quarter-life crisis. i’m not really worried though, i feel like i will figure it all out and i will live in that deluxe apartment in the sky, but until then, i am quite put off and maybe a little scared. i know eventually all the pieces to the puzzle will fall into place, but waiting for that moment is torture. it is hard to picture yourself living somewhere and doing something, but don’t really know how to get to that point. does that even make sense? you see, i am so confused!


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