numba 23 in da houz

hold up, wait a minute… apparently shots were fired because of a pair of jordans? REALLY. i don’t see why people had to take it to that level.. i don’t see ladies fighting over a pair of louboutins, which personally i think look a lot better than a pair of jordan shoes. seriously, WHO STILL WEARS JORDANS? (i am sure i am going to get a lot of hate for that one) so you are telling me that a pair of $180 shoes almost got a person killed? for a pair of shoes? i love shoes like any woman my age, maybe a little bit more than the rest but i don’t think i would go to extremes to shoot someone for their shoes. i mean… well maybe if they were one of a kind YSL’s or alexander mcqueens, then i might just have to resort to violence.

this whole shebang happened in san fran, when a guy standing in line with 3,000 of his closest friends was waiting for a chance to buy the air jordan xi retro “concord” (even the name doesn’t sound too appealing for my taste) decided shooting a gun into the air might help his chances in skipping the line. wrong. this guy obviously had the wrong idea and ended up spending the night in jail.maybe next time he should try the good ‘ol indian skip instead..

but the stupidity doesn’t stop there… it managed to make its way up to seattle (ha.. of course it did, obviously only complete morons live in that city). twenty plus people went home with pepper spray in their eyes instead of shoes on their feet. news flash guys, online shopping! no lines. no pushing. no shootings. (the list can go on..)

beautiful YSL’s vs air jordan xi retro “concord”

that shit cray.


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