well good morning back fat becky

today is one of those days, you know when you try on half of your closet.. from an outfit you have worn a thousand times to that big ‘ol sweatshirt, it doesn’t matter what you put on you feel like two humpback whales gave birth and voila, there you are… standing in front of your mirror trying to not feel like you gained 43 pounds over night. i must have put on 17 different tops today and thought i looked disgusting in every single one of them. from my hair to my accessories, nothing was going my way. i have come to the conclusion on days like this you just need to breathe in, breathe out and embrace your inner fat ass. i settled on a pair of free people skinny jeans, a tank top matched with a grey cardigan over it and juicy couture flats. (pictured are tory burch flats)

i find it easiest to just add a layer on top, or wear something that doesn’t cling on those days where you don’t quite feel up to par. what do you wear on your fat days?


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