the bold and the beautiful.

so, i started writing for a blog as the fashion writer, and by started, i do mean that i have only written one post. this week i wrote about cobalt blue and why you need it. oh and my top blue choices! enjoy. ;]

‘Tis the season for cobalt blue.

If there is one color you need to add to your winter wardrobe, it’s this deep hue. Of course, by add I mean anything from accessories for your outfit, to a main piece like a blouse or a dress. This vibrant color goes well with every skin tone or hair color, so basically anyone can pull it off, and this bold color is sure to brighten up those winter blues.

Blake Lively, better known as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, owns this look. I am literally obsessed, and I am currently looking for the exact replica of this outfit. Notice how the ….  (want to read more)

that is only a little snippet, i mean i couldn’t give it all away.

anddd here is how i wore my blue. 


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