lets but the arty in partyyyy

it is beginning to look a lot like my birthdayyyy! yippieeee. the one day i am allowed to wear a tiara and not get dirty looks when doing so. the days leading up to my birthday take foreverrr, yet go by so quickly. i have to plan what i am going to do (ideas, anyone!), who i am going to leave out invite, and of course i have to find a birthday outfit! i think what i love more than presents that i actually want, are creative things done by the people you care about. like doing little things to make you feel special on your day, because after all, it is YOUR DAY!

i am the baby out of all my friends, literally and figuratively. most of my friends are already 24, about to be 24, turning 25 soon, while i am about to turn 23. a chunk of them went through a mini meltdown when turning 23, but i am honestly looking forward to it. i think each year just gets better and better. you learn more about yourself and who you want to surround yourself with. you grow more independent, you begin to realize what is important, and you stop playing games. i like to think that 23 is the year of maturity, at least that is what i say now.

so what do i want for my birthday … :: drum roll please ::

one of those tutus as my birthday outfit, with the tiara of course.

a puppyyyy


a baby sloth<3, or a trip to the sloth sanctuary in costa rica.

ryan, preferably with a huge bow strategically placed some where on his body.

waking up to nsync singing me happy birthday, but i’ll settle for jt.



marc by marc jacobs.

dec. 14, mark your calendars. <33


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