oh no you didn’t

there are so many poorly dressed women roaming the streets of miami. some that make me scream WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, some that make me scream WHAT ARE YOU WEARING and some that make me want to scream THAT DOES NOT FIT YOU.

best dressed of the weekend, my friend suzie. not to mention i must have told her that i was completely obsessed with her outfit about 2,352,123,523,574 times on saturday night, so it would only make sense that i dedicate a blog post to this and give her her proper credit. she sets a perfect example of what to wear for a night out in miami. please note, the picture was taken under the influence hence the blurriness. she kindly sent me pictures of her outfit, along w. her accessories. her shirt, from tj maxx, is my favorite piece of the outfit. why? do you see that

bow in the front! love it. i guess my decision was also swayed because i just bought a shirt that is very similar to this one… like three days ago. then we have that skirt (from forever21). i am usually not a fan of sequence and glitter, but this is my exception. it is the perfect going out skirt. she finished off her slammin outfit with gold accessories.

i then wish i could say the same thing about this girl at the mall. i would classify her as worst dressed, but only because i was unable to capture ALL the worst dressed girls i saw this weekend. regardless, i was so appalled by her outfit that i had to take a picture. one, why are you wearing those boots with shorts THAT short. cough hoe fo sho cough. if the shorts looked good on her, maybeee she could have gotten away with it, but oh man they didn’t. then she wore this white shirt with a black bra that was completely visible. listen, youre not carrie bradshaw, there is no way you can look in the mirror and think you look good. what is even sadder is that her mom was walking right next to her. what a bad mom, my mother would have never let me walk out of the house like that, at least not making me feel like i looked super ugly.


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