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spontaneity, the act of doing something with out thinking about your consequences. this past weekend it was all about spontaneity. 2pm at work we decided.. road trip to gainesville. if you are new to my blog, i am a huge gator fan, since it is my alma mater.. although i may not watch every game, i do support them every way possible. whether it is cursing out a miami hurricane or just wearing orange and blue on game days, they have my total support. so when my friend asked, “hey, gainesville this weekend?!” i really had no other answer than yes. YES! YESSSS!!! from 2pm to about 6pm, those four hours were the longest hours of my life, all i wanted to do was get the hell out of miami and begin the trek up to G-VEGAS.

road trips are always fun, especially with a car full of girls. you can expect to find about an hour of the car ride just talking about people guys that we might be interested in/dating/hooking up w./ looking forward to seeing on this trip, followed by lots of laughing and making fun of each other, and of course a lot of inappropriate talk that will not be featured in this post. next on the agenda will be screaming, yes not singing, but screaming at the top of our lungs to some classics like, aladdin “a whole new world,” and every spice girl/nsync/tlc song that was ever created, and of coures leann rimes made an apperance (this can explain my lack of a voice right now).

once we reached the promise land everything from then on is a bit blurry. lets just say there were way too many shots involved, beer, the gators finally winning, margaritas, a trip to the TOP, sleeping three to a bed, laughing, dancing, endless amounts of embarrassing moments, a few falls, lots of boys, lots of old friends, memories, paris, freezing cold weather, a dirty bathroom, a cat and his owner, fights with bicyclists, a bagel and noodle place?, and an antenna.

i spent the best four years of my life in gainseville. of course it isn’t the same place it was when i was there, there are new people, new restaurants and new memories. most of my friends have graduated and left, places we used to go to all the time no longer exist and the town that i called home for four years is now a place i visit on a random trip. as we drove down 13th street, i saw landmarks, of course these landmarks are ones that are only important to me, and are memories that only i will remember. like the bench where i spent hours crying to my long distance boyfriend on the phone, or broward beach where we used to lay out (a term i didn’t use until i went to UF), jennings hall – my dorm, norman hall –  where i had my first class freshman year at 8am! it is crazy how you can be so happy to be somewhere, but so sad at the same time. it was sad to leave my old life behind but i know i will always have those 4 years and all the memories and friends that came along w. it.

gator growl 2011, success.


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  1. Hey, looks like you had a great time at GG ’11 i recall going to gator growl in 03, I happened to be in the neighborhood that weekend for the wrong reasons.. anyways, I can understand how you say those four years were the best four years of your life. I can’t comment on college life because I never experienced it, so I couldn’t pinpoint a specific four years of my life that were the greatest, but what I do know is that those four years, are a form a preparation to the real world. I, like urself find myself in a career that I truly admire, never did I assume id expliot my skills in such a free market that we live in… I guess where I’m getting at is, not everyone is fit for college, not everyone is as disciplined for that lifestyle, I look back and wondered if I wouldve survived community college away from home. I guess where I’m getting at is… It is ok to turn the page on the past, and focus solely on the future.. the best time of your life is yet to come, you just have to be prepared for it, and seize it when becomes tangible… : $

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