socks for the legs.

fall must have: leg warmers, but do you know how to rock them? i never thought i would actually own a pair of leg warmers but now that i have a pair, i just can’t get enough. i bought mine for a different reason other than for protecting my legs from the cold, i bought them for my halloween costume. thank you american apparel for my complete costume. i was the kissing bandit for halloween (pictured below). anyways, halloween is over and done with and now i have a pair of leg warmers laying around my room. so how do you wear them with out looking like how do i put this nicely, stupid, or you are straight out of the 80s.  leg warmers can be paired with stockings, tights, leggings or even a pair of skinny jeans. wearing them over a pair of converse is also super cute for a chill day, along w. an off the shoulder sweater and pair it w. leggings. for those DIY kinda people, you can use an old sweater as your new cool leg warmers. how you ask? cut off the sleeves, maybe slide some ribbon through to help them stay up and bada bing bada boom you’ve just made yourself some cute leg warmers. don’t wear them out for a night on the town, don’t wear them do dinner. they are meant to be worn for casual occasions. unless, you are wearing them under a pair of boots. the leg warmers/ long socks have to come about 2 inches higher than the boots. wear any color you want. pair it with a dress. don’t know where to buy them? forever 21, american apparel, macys .. it is winter, you really should have no problem.

more colors avaialble. $6.50 – f21

over the knee socks, perfect for boots $13 – american apparel


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