cafeina, es muy bonita

shirt – cotton on. shoes – steve madden.birthday girlarkadia @ the fontainebleau

if you are anything like me, and you get tired of the same old thing weekend after weekend, then i suggest you try something new this friday. last friday it was one of my college friends’ birthdays so we went out to wynwood, in midtown miami for happy hour. (of course happy hour turned into a happy 5 hours followed by a night of clubbing). my treck down to wynwood was definitely not my favorite part of the night.. but that was probably because i am a terrible driver and when you mix in torrential down pour and uncertainty of how to get your destination it just turns into a disaster. if you have never been to that area before brace yourself. although it used to be a little ghetto, it is turning around and making itself into a premier hot spot for art lovers.

cafeina was the name of the lounge we went to. the structure of the lounge was quite remarkable. extremely modern. definitely reasonably priced, and happy hour prices were awesome. my best friend and i tried a slider, (we thought there would be a few on the plate, you definitely have to read things carefully, – they said slider and they gave us 1 slider.) it was delish though. the music, definitely got us in the mood to go out, which is why we headed over to the fontainebleau to finish our night.

although i wouldn’t suggest taking someone there on a first date, it is a great place to go w. friends or maybe a 5th or 6th date. promise you its a good time. i give the place 2 thumbs up! plus, hot waiters & it is connected to an art exhibit.

visit cafeinas facebook page for more about them.

best thing about liv & arkadia are the awesome glasses.


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