you and i collide

what i love about being single is feeding off of my friends messed up relationships and learning from them. when you are in a relationship is it necessary to spend all your time with that one person? is that even healthy? i have been single for so long now that i honestly get an anxiety attack thinking about seeing that someone 15 out of the 24 hours of the day, every day. isn’t the purpose of a relationship individuality? you know two different lives coming together to form one.. but how is that possible if you don’t let each other be an individual. does every night have to be date night? does every night have to be with each other? what happened to having your own friends? it is great when your significant other can be friends with your friends, but why can’t you have solo time with your friends? note to self: i will never be that kind of girl.

i have other friends who keep going back to the same guy, break up after break up. i was that girl once upon a time, but since then i have learned that once you break up with someone, that’s it, end it. you broke up for a reason and quite frankly you can’t change a person. the problem is going to remain, unless you are one of the lucky few that does change that person, but is it a permanent change, or will the problem arise down the line?

all in all, if he is into you, or if she is into you… they will show it. you can only give so much until you realize if they don’t show it, sometime soon it is time to move on and find another victim. there are 6 billion people out there, you don’t need to cry over one.


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