quack. quack.

before i start bashing, i shall admit… i have done it. i put my head down in shame, but i am guilty of doing the…. duck face. *gasp* i know, how can you continue reading this post after knowing that embarrassing information about me! i will say it was not my proudest moment but after a few drinks my lips cant help but form the duck face. in all honesty, i thought i had started it ;p

for those who don’t know what i am talking about do it with me. push your mouth out, kinda as if you were about to give a kiss buuut not quite. duck face offenders think it gives off the illusion of big luscious lips, an awesome jawline and cheekbones a model would kill for. what you really look like, is a moron. no you don’t look sexy, no you don’t look cute, you look stupid. of course, this face would be perfect if we still thought it was cool / liked  had myspace, but we all use facebook now so we have to be mature and just defualt pictures where we look our absolute best (thankkkk you photoshop).

it cracks me up that there has been a song, numerous websites dedicated to this phenomenon and a vast amount of anti duck face sites.  wait wait wait, us normal folks aren’t the only ones who’ve subjected ourselves to the face, Christina Aguilar has been spotted, as well as Kendra Wilkinson, Beyonce, Kim K. and pretty much any other celebrity between the age of 15 and 59. For more celebs, visit here.

so should this trend continue? or do we need to stop it dead in its tracks? personally, i think it is funny and probably wont stop anytime soon, at least not when you mix a camera and alcohol into the equation.

of course i can’t leave you without showing some of my FAVORITE duck face offenders. please don’t kill me!

yours truely:


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