people are mean. hmph.

why is it that some people just have to ruin your day? this past weekend i went away on vacation to seattle; note: miami is not the city with the rudest people. if you know me, you know i have this sick infatuation with furry four-legged creatures, – it is kinda annoying, i admit it. i can’t see a dog without running over to it and attacking it with kisses and screaming at the top of my lungs “ahhhhh what a littlooooo cutieeee!” (i told you i am super annoying) with that said, it really doesn’t matter the size of the dog.. actually the bigger the dog the more i want to go up to it (with a running start of course so i can get a good tackle) and then cover it over with smooches, but i do restrain myself, at least i TRY too. i was at a coffee shop in seattle (and no NOT starbucks) and i saw only the cutest english bulldog ever walk in.. well he was on a leash you know he didn’t just strut his little tush in there. i go over to show him some lovin and the asshole owner snapped at me and didn’t let me pet him. i guess not everyone has to let me touch their dog.. but i asked repeatedly and instead of giving me a response he ignored me until i bent down to pet the dog, but he snarled something at me, so i got the hint and left. THIS HAPPENED LIKE 2 OTHER TIMES! lesson learned: don’t pet dogs in seattle ;p

then… i was at the airport.. and apparently there are stations with outlets?… (the person who came up with this idea is a complete idiot.. who wants to sit uncomfortably in a little divided area, basically on top of the person next to you just so you can charge your phone… it was so much more fun when you had to play scavenger hunt for an outlet…) so this girl.. i will not descirbe her because well i don’t have very nice things to say about her apperance.. was just sitting in the chair, not charging anything! i asked her if i could charge my phone, i didnt ask her to move her fatass (sorry, sorryyyy) i simply wanted to plug my phone into the damn outlet and then politely hoover over her until she moves. but before i had the chance to be a pest, she bitched me out… mind you at this point i have only said .. “excuse me, do you mind if i charge my phone.. you don’t have to move.” this beast spins around and basically drop kicks me to the floor. okaaay maybe i am over exageratting a tid bit but she did stand up and get in my face and yell at me… her friend.. or girlfriend? not sure these days was like “she just wants to charge her phoneeee…” oompa loompa got her belongings and walked away, and i sat down with my charger in one hand, my phone in the other and a HUUUGE smile on my face.

seattle is probably one of the prettiest places i have ever been. it reminded me of san francisco with a new york city feel, but of course without all of the garbage. i would love to just pick up my things and move to a random city, of course my father would probably chop my head off but it is something everyone must do. i am envious of every one who has. it is so scary but so fulfilling at the same time. one of these days maybe ill just pack my things and move… helloooo texas. jk – well about the texas part..



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