leave gossiping to the ladies.. thanks

you know what i love, i love when guys put down girls for gossiping. “naah you all talk so much shit” or  “do you ever stop talking about people?” are usually the phrases my guy friends like to utter. okay, now pause. these statements would be okay if a) you didn’t talk shit yourself.  b) when you find something out you don’t run and tell your boys. or c) you don’t fabricate what happened with a girl so you can look cool in front of your friends.   see the difference between guys gossiping and girls gossiping… we like to inform each other about what other girls are doing with their lives (you know like if samantha is still sleeping with guy 1 guy 2 guy 3 and guy 4), not about the people we are sleeping with/dating/crushing, or whatever the hell you want to call it. guys on the other hand, like to tell their stories (i won’t use the word gossip because i don’t want to offend any of you cry babies out there) with a nice little twist. why do you need to look cool in front of you friends?.. you know its okay to have feelings.. WHAAAT? i know, who would have thought?! it is funny though cause guys never tell their friends the good stuff about a girl, and if they do they throw in a lot of sexual references and “dawgs”. well boys, one thing you don’t know is just like guys have that little phrase “bros before hoes” we have one too, “chicks before dicks”. so you gossiping telling stories to your guy friends,  and you think it remains just between the two of you – you’re absolutely mistaken. that guy is going to then call one of his boys, and that boy will then tell ALL his boys, and then guess what, let one girl be present… it will get back to the girl. we always find out. if you have not learned this as of yet then you have a hard life ahead of you. we are crazy. i will be the first to admit i have a screw or two loose, but who doesn’t? this is why you need to leave the stories gossiping to the girls. we will never offend you unless you have been mean to us and we will never make you look bad… unless you have been mean to us. which is why there is a huge difference between guys and girls when it comes to sharing information. gossiping comes as second nature to us… we do it without knowing we are doing it. this is a new thing that has been introduced to men… and it needs to stop. you make girls feel bad even if you are just their friends… girls can take shit from other girls but when guys say it, or if a girl hears that her guy has said this about her… to her it isn’t a friendly little exchange of words.. it is a lot more serious than that, which is why guys need to zip it, and leave the rumor spreading to the people who know how to do it best.


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