trend shmend

is there a “lets match our belts with our shoes” memo going around and someone forgot to include me! WHY do girls think its okay to match their belts with their shoes? who in their right mind started this trend, (i say trend loosely,) and how did it manage to stick! last night I was at an event for work and this lady was wearing a black skirt with a black and white stripped shirt, a red belt on top of the shirt and as if that wasn’t an eyesore, she was wearing red shoes, which matched the belt TO A T! i am not going to lie, i had a quick gag reflex as this woman walked in front of me. i feel like we have come so far in the fashion world that this style should be extinct. flashback: remember about 10 years ago when old navy sandals were all the rage and you would match your flip flops with your belt? how did 90% of the population realize this pushed fashion back 5 years and stopped, and the remaining 10% have not regressed. personally, i think not matching looks a lot better than matching. throwing different colors together , or patterns (pictured) actually looks like you aren’t trying so hard, while matching definitely does. oh god then there is the purse! WHY DO LADIES THINK YOU NEED TO MATCH YOUR PURSE WITH YOUR SHOES AND BELT! WHYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! as if the shoes and the belt aren’t bad enough some have to add the purse to the mix. dear lord.. every time i see this i want to grab the purse and toss it into the nearest trashcan i find, or hit them with it. cmon people work with me here. this screams T-A-C-K-Y!


ha. and i bet the 10% still rock scrunchies…


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