gimmie a b-e-e-r!

do you smell it? i smell it, and no its not what the rock is cooking. it smells like football season. whether you are a college football fan (go gators) or an NFL lover, sometimes wearing team shirts that are 3x too big, make you feel like you are one of the guys, instead of the i’m cute cause i hang out w. the boys kinda look.  the shirts you buy at the college stores or sports authority tend to be made for men, and the ones that are made for women, are made for women in their 50s and most likely designed by women in their 80s. all the shirts are awkwardly short or bedazzled. it seems trying to find a shirt to represent your team gets a bit hard and costly especially if you don’t like to be a repeat offender EVERY saturday for the next 4 months.

solution, accessories go a long way. the other day i wore an orange tank (with wide leg jeans .. not pictured) and a blue ring to show my gator pride. (only picture i had.. i need a new photographer!)

solid color shirts work too. they are cheap. most stores have sales where you can get them 2 for this much, or 3 for that much. get your school colors then pair them with jeans or shorts.. mix it up a bit and you have at least half of the season covered.

you can even add a jean shirt on top of your tank to be a little more stylish.

don’t forget, forever21, target and pink by victoria’s secret have tons of collegiate wear.

making shirts is fun too. if you are stuck in your ways and love those shirts that make fun of your teams’ rivals, then check this out, this is a cute idea on how to make a shirt.

when doing every ones go to look, yeah you know what i am talking about the -off the shoulder, and think i am the the one who invented the look,- make sure you don’t make the cut too big, because then you will have to deal with the constant adjustments and the peep show for all to see. listen, we’ve all been there. besides, off the shoulder shirts make it a little difficult when shooting during an intense beer pong match.

so i made a shirt recently. documented it, poorly, but you can still get the jist of it. i found this captain morgan shirt that i got one night out while in college and decided to put my creativity to use.

all you need is a big shirt, and scissors.

cut the sleeves off. diagonally.

this is what it should look like once you cut both of the arms off.

cut the collar off (try to keep it all attached..). don’t throw it away though!

last step, flip the shirt over. use the collar you cut off and connect the two sides of the shirt together. ( i know it is kinda hard to see in this picture)

that’s it. final product..

go gators;]


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