advice from the eyes of a judgmental girl.

i have been harassed by some of my guy friends (won’t name names) urging me to continue writing posts directed to them… so I am going to cater to their needs, because lets face it, some need it way more than us ladies.

one item that should be in every guys closet is a pair of khaki straight-leg jeans. yes, this means buying a pair of jeans that actually fit you and if you want to be daring, wait for it.. add a belt!  khaki jeans are so versatile, they can be worn to work, football games, out on a date, and if done right, even for a night out on the town. how to make it work? oh now that is the easy part. lets start with a basic shirt, you can pair it with a v-neck shirt (which I am sure, as a guy you must own at least one in every color) or even a plaid button down works too – tucked in! you can pair khaki pants with a white button down, and add a skinny tie to spiffy it up a little. If all else fails, just stalk Justin Timberlake to get an idea of how a man is supposed to look in a pair of khakis. and if you are worried you wont look manly, get over it.

JT with the always beautiful Mila Kunis

and if i could have things my way, this is how all men would look, and dress.

just a little tip. khaki goes with pretty much every color, so there really is no possible way you can mess up, I promise.


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