b is for blue, and bitchy.

**disclaimer, this post might have a bitchy undertone, & I don’t mean to offend anyone.** Do you know what grinds my gears? (sorry family guy, I had to use it) girls/ladies/woman/chicks whatever, why do you find the need to wear a multi colored shirt, then pick one color from that shirt and apply it to your eyelids. you my friend, need new friends. Someone needs to tell you that that is not cute. So the eye shadow that this girl had on wasn’t even a hint of eye shadow, it was as if you painted her eyes with a paint roller and decided to leave it as is. No blending, no mixing, just a block of color. (this color, one happened to be blue, and not just any blue, but the same blue that is used for the W logo for Microsoft Word (nerd alert)). This said shirt also had some pink in it. Yea, bubblegum pink… and guess what matched this lovely shirt.. the girls shoes. Patent leather pink pumps. This hurt my eyes. It made my stomach weak and it just made me want to weep in the corner to think how can someone commit such a huge fashion sin. I guess I just want to know one thing, do people not look in the mirror before leaving the house?

this is seems to be an on going trend in miami though… #helpsavefashionvictimseverywhere!


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