it’s as simple as something that nobody knows

do you ever have those cravings (ladies, you know what i am talking about, especially when it is that lovely time of the month) and all you want to do is grab a bag of cheetos, a chocolate bar, preferably ones with almonds in it —yum, and any type of bread you can put in front of a girl! of course anything you are craving means you really shouldn’t be eating it (ie: bags of chips, cookies, brownies and anything else that adds size to your waist line instead of decreasing the inches). i first came across these “eat this when you are craving this instead of that” in the latest issue of cosmo (i think, i read a lot of magazines). i noted what it said and continued on with my day. i now came across another list while i was on my oh so favorite website and it lists the dos and the don’ts, so i am passing along this new bible and sharing it with all of you.


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