bigger is always better.

watches. what is it about a watch that can add so much sex appeal to a man? even if you aren’t a huge watch person, you know when you see a guy with a watch that makes you do a double take, you suddenly care what they might have to say. so this posting is dedicated to all you guys out there that don’t own a manly-let me stand out- so all the ladies want me watch, for the i have plenty, but can use a few more and for the ladies who have a guy and can never think of what to get him.

you don’t have to own a rolex to look fly, stores like aldo, sell pretty cool watches at very reasonable prices. i just have one thing to say, and please please please take my advice, when watch shopping, avoid at all costs, small watches. like everything in life, bigger is always better.

diesel – $325

aldo – $40

diesel – $275


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