glittaaaa power.

sneakers, honestly not a huge fan (only of course my nike’s that i use solely for the gym,  but secretly wish i can wear them all the time.) but sneakers do come in handy, for those BBQ days or a stroll in the park.. (wearing a pair of wedges doesn’t always do it, at least not with the guy friends i have… sneakers are definitely the way to go). so lately i have been wearing chucks, or some might refer to them as converse. all though the 4 pairs i have are brightly colored, i just love to throw them on with a pair of shorts and a tank. but i want to get a new pair of stylish but comfy sneakers. so as i was doing my online hunt for a cute pair of sneakers, i came across these new Miu Miu sneakers. can someone tell me these shoes aren’t pimp status. Miu Miu is coming out w. 5 new styles in its new shoe collection. how can you not resist a sexy pair of sneakers covered in glitter<3. they only cost $450 to $585, pocket change right?

so if you are like me, young, fabulous and broke then i suggest a pair of Toms instead. they are stylish, glam and not to mention affordable. and if that is not convincing enough, a pair of shoes will be donated to a little kid with every purchase.

$54. huge difference.


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