i’ll fight this to my death..

lately it has been a topic of conversation, at least among my friends.. “does black and brown go together.” of course i might fuel this argument and bring it up every chance i get but it is a topic i am very passionate about.  with that said, i think black and brown DO go together. my favorite combination is wearing black bottoms with this tanish/brown belt i have (pictured below) matched with tan flats/wedges. i think i look fab, others, (louis) thinks that is a fashion no no. so who would i rather trust, myself, who knows what i am talking about, or my fashionably conscious gay? i think ill go with myself.

so instead of arguing about if they mesh well (haha, i learned that phrase from “clueless”) i am going to show you how it is done properly and how to do it properly, then you can come up with your own conclusion.

to begin, remember that neutrals go with everything. basically, you can wear black with anything, brown with anything.. so why not together? exactly. (one point for me).

next, when using a lighter shade of brown (like my belt) it is easy to do the whole black and brown outfit. taupe and nude also make a nice contrast with black.

note, this next one is for the bold, and the confident. if you are not quite sure you can rock brown and black then i suggest you just skip this one. (KIDDING). chocolate brown and black. this is a hard task and i suggest you approach with ease, but if you can pull it off, i suggest you do it, cause hunny it looks GOOD. (kudos to you mom, who loves wearing a dark brown with black, .. she even brought it up in an argument the other day when i was fighting this topic with some friends).

if you are trying to mix a black shirt and brown shoes, then you better make sure you are wearing DARK bottoms because it does not look good with light colored jeans. it actually looks as if you are missing something, like black shoes for instance. adding color or a pattern to the mix definitely helps. leopard, is probably the easiest pattern to pull off when you want to mix brown and black.

i am simply suggesting trying this out. be open minded. but if you look like you dressed yourself in the dark, don’t blame it on me.

my brown belt that i am completely obsessed with:


celebs who pull it off:get the look:

ryan gosling; for those who haven’t seen crazy. stupid. love. that sexy hunk, whom i would like for him to be referred to as my future husband pulls off the brown and black look in the movie. (i saw it last night, so this was the last straw that made me have to post about this topic.)

that’s right boys, it is possible to look this good, and dress this impressive.


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