killer tofu

okay so i think i just heard the best news of my whole entire life.. okay well maybe that is a little drastic but i did hear some great news. teen nick is going to start playing all the shows from the 90’s. i don’t even know how to contain myself.  but of course it is after midnight so this is where my good friend, i would like to call my DVR will kick in. and by 90’s shows i mean doug and the rugrats –  and no not the all grown up episodes they play now, i am talking about the real deal.. the terrible graphics, rude angelica and of course phil and lil’s lesbian mom.

here is wednesday nights line up. find more at teen nick.

i know i know, you love me!

so how funny is this. i found it on stumbleupon.

this post is dedicated to doug, and the beets.



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