blazers are on fiyaaah!

people change. seasons change. styles change. one thing i hope never changes, BLAZERS. i don’t know about most of you, but when i go out i tend to judge what other girls are wearing. i feel like i get dressed up to impress other girls.. and not the guys. face it, guys don’t really care what you are wearing, in fact you probably can wear the same outfit every day for a week and they would never even notice. so as i lady watch, i start with the shoes.. work my way up to the bottoms, to the accessories (ie: WATCHES<3, handbags<33 and rings), to the hair and then to the shirt. i give you a lot of credit, and will judge each thing separately. so with this said, if you are wearing a blazer, then BAM, i skip all the other steps and you are automatically one of the best dressed girls in the room. there is something about a blazer that completely changes an outfit. you can wear an old baggy t-shirt, throw on a blazer and you are now miss. fashionista, and i love it!!! of course we do live in miami so you need to be prepared when going out because you will probably come close to dying from a heat stroke. but if you are one of the brave, then i salute you and will mark you off as best dressed.

because it is summer white blazers are a must have. if you are young, money conscious (cough..broke..cough) and fabulous (ahem.. like yours truly) then urbanoutfitters and forever21 will soon become your best friend. blazers at f21 are about $25 – $30. AWESOME! then we have urban, where blazers can run a little bit more, but i found a faboosh one for $58 by Kimchi Blue (as seen below).




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