nail polish is so 2010.

hellooooo sally hansen, you genius! a quick little thing you should know about me, i am a nail polish freak. opi is my weakness. i paint my nails probably every other day, yes, it is a sickness.. i know. i have probably every shade of bright red & pink, and not to mention every obscure color ever made. as a nail polish whore, i decided to try the sally hansen real nail polish strips. i desperately needed to see what the huge fuss was about. so i drove to CVS, picked up Frock Star, went home and got to it. i would not call myself an expert, but this was probably one of the easiest things i have ever done, and to top it off i was absolutely in love with my nails.

APPLICATION: this little box comes with 16 different sized strips for nails of all shapes and sizes. the best part is that the strips actually smell like nail polish.

NEATNESS: when i do my nails, i tend to make a mess. and by mess i mean get nail polish on pretty much everything in arm length. let alone i can’t sit still long enough for them to dy and not smudge/ruin my nails. THIS IS WHAT I LOVED. after the 20 minutes it took to put them on that was it, i was done. i didn’t have to sit and waste time for 30 minutes for them to dry!

the nails lasted over a week, just like the box promised. no chip. no problem. i can assure you, these have  become my new obsession, and not to mention the amount of compliments i received while i had them on.



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