dear friends, dont check me in.

i am an avid facebooker, i check it about 430,255,231 times a day, so i will not sit here and bash it… but i will ask my dear friends, please ask before checking me in. this whole “check me in” option can get some of us in serious trouble. you know, your trying to avoid going out with someone, you give your excuse, “oh no i dont feel well” bam… youre checked in somewhere.. and there goes that lie. it has happened, and i am sure it will continue, especially with the friends i have. am i the only one who feels like i need to announce to everyone i am with “dont check me in” so i dont get caught in my web of lies?

so do us all (or just me) a favor, ask before checking someone in.



3 responses

  1. I really appreciate you finally blogging about this id like to think for me!!!! Ask your friends before checking them in…its facebook etiquette!

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