how to make 100 calorie moist chocolate cupcakes (via Can You Stay for Dinner?)

i, candice nestel, have maybe baked one thing my whole entire life. and cooked (not like eggs or pasta) twice. domestically challenged is what i like to call myself. but with all this craze with cupcakes i think i might put on an apron and get into the kitchen and bake. i will definitely let you know how it turns out, that is, if my kitchen doesn’t burn down in the process.

How to Make 100 Calorie Moist Chocolate Cupcakes Dear Universe, I was sending you a pink bowed box with twelve moist and fudgy cupcakes nestled inside. Just a simple gift from one dear friend to another. I even hand wrote a note and tucked it inside to let you know that each bitty brownie cake is only 100 calories. And whole grain. And nonfat. And made from real, wholesome ingredients. You’d have been downright smitten with me. Unfortunately, I ate them all. One by one. Crumb after moist crumb. … Read More

via Can You Stay for Dinner?


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