the beach … needs the fashion police.

as a girl from miami, i try and spend as much time at the beach as possible. ( i am proud to say i have a tint of a glow from the past three weekends.) i have some do’s and dont’s for you lovely ladies out there. men, keep up the good work because this year you all (well a good portion of you) have been on POINT. well.. the shorts could be a little shorter, but we wont complain. oh.. and while youre at it please stop wearing socks + sneakers to the beach, invest in a pair of sandals, you can get a pair at oldnavy for $2.50

do: wear a hat. the bigger the better. (haha)

don’t: cake your face with makeup, youre at the beach, you are expected to look natural.

do: wear sunblock. tans are sexy, looking like a lobster.. not so much.

don’t: buy that stupid hot pink and purple leopard bathing suit from victoria’s secret. ladies, there are THOUSANDS of bathing suits out there.. why must i see 19 of the same bathing suit in a 13 foot radius.

do: mix && match. its great, you can have 2 swim suits but in actuality have 4. if you find a cute top, but dont like the bottom, who cares.. buy the top and get a solid bottom. mixing and matching just made life SO MUCH EASIER.

don’t: wear the same thing as your friend. it is not cute. you look ridiculous.

do: get a retro styled bathing suit. high waisted swim suits are sooo in this year.

don’t: show under boob please, and while you are at it… please cover up your tush. you are at a public beach.. not everyone wants to see your goods.

do: always pack a sundress. you can never go wrong.

don’t: wear heels to the beach. if you fall, people WILL laugh.

do: wear sunglasses. they are good for your eyes, and well you just look good wearing a pair.

don’t: LITTER! after spending a day on south beach you look around and you no longer see sand, you see bottles and cans.. hundreds of red cups and bags of chips. if you are going to go to the beach and drink/eat, please please PLEASE just pick up your trash and throw it in the garbage cans that are on your way out.





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