i will come out from that rock now…

hello. if you have been worried, i am alive and kicking. so much for my new years resolution, that lasted all of about 3 posts. its okay because i am back, and thats all that matters… RIGHT? so i really want to actually keep up with one of these, but i just havent quite found my forte. as much as i love gossip, i am no perezhilton so i will leave the who is sleeping with who and the charlie sheen antics up to him. i have decided i will focus this blog on my next love, fashion. so in the next few days i will be starting from another angle.. teehee ;]

since ive been gone quite a few things have changed in my life. i got a new job, i work at a public relations agency called webcitygirls// and it seems to fit me perfectly. ::does happy dance:: i seem to have miss placed my iphone 4 at LIV, i cant stop shopping, and i am looking into getting a new car. whoo hoo. ( i am such a rambler i know i know)

i will leave you with this.. but PLEASE try not to get too jealous.

yes, that is the view from my office. yes it is beautiful. && yes i LOVE miami.


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