golden globes, who actually has fashion sense?

The Golden Globes, where dreams are made (and crushed), where the beautiful, the rich and the famous gather to witness what movie/television show/actor/actress was essentially the critics choice for the past year. Lets not forget… who wore what! (i am getting giddy just thinking about it)

I don’t know if I should start with my favorites or the dresses that literally made my eyes hurt! (what were their publicists, managers, agents, FASHION CONSULTANTS thinking?)

drum roll please…. first dress up, Lea Michele, who wore a pink Oscar de la Renta gown… i give it two thumbs down… WAAAAY down. Those ruffles do not work, and definitely do not flatter. NEXT…










Oh Xtina… what happened? You look like a buffalo wearing lace. Seriously, this is terrible. I am all for a voluptuous woman, but my god… TERRIBLE.









30 Rock star Jane Krakowski rocked her belly beautifuly. The Badgley Mischka gown fits her remarkably. Best dressed prego goes to Jane!









January Jones literally left me speechless. The way this Versace dress fits her, it makes her look like a classic beauty. Absolutely gorgeous!









Julianne Moore, what exactly where you going for when you put this on?










Sandra Bullock, you never disappoint me. This Jenny Packham dress makes her look faboosh, and her hair just adds to the look. Two thumbs up.









Mila Kunis is no longer in the 70’s. This one-shouldered Vera Wang gown is exquisite. Other stars such as Angelina Jolie, and Catherine Zeta Jones also wore green… but Ms.Kunis wore it best.









Not only does Dianna Agron, know how to sing, but apparently she also knows what a beautiful and classic gown looks like. Definitely top 3.








My disappoint, Kelly Osbourne. It is as if she she been taking a few steps forward, and now took a giant leap backwards. Really Kelly, what were you thinking?








GLITTERRRR! I am absolutely in love with this dress! Olivia Wilde in Marchesa is definitely in my top 3! I want this dress, her bangs and of course her Christian Louboutin heels.










I have to disagree with most blogs I have read about who wore what at the Golden Globes. I think Leighton Meester’s dress is perfect. Her whole outfit. From her purse, to her hair, to her subtle make up, she looks flawless.










andd…. the winner for best dressed goes too……

ANNE HATHAWAY who lately has become such a style icon! She wore an Armani Privé gown that flatters her perfectly. Wow. I just don’t even have words for this dress… absolutely breathtaking.










Helena Boham Carter takes the cake for worst dress. Her dress kind of reminds me of what we used to wear in high school during spirit week, you know for mismatched day. When you just throw on about 16 different articles of clothing and PURPOSELY make sure none of them match. Yeah, that is kind what I feel is going on here… but whatever it is that Helena is trying to do, it is not working. Please redirect yourself to the nearest exit and don’t come back til you can at least match your shoes… or brush your hair.











I know I didnt add everyone, just a few that stood out. What do you think? Who wore it best? Who wore it worst? Let me know!


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