thou shall not… annoy

Etiquette and Facebook, two words that don’t usually go hand in hand. We all know the importance Facebook plays in our lives now a days. You can deny it if you want, but if you are under the age of 75 you most likely have a Facebook (except for my dad, who i think is the only person on the face of this planet to not have a Facebook) and go on it at least a hundred times a day! Buuuut, are you doing everything in your power to annoy your friends on Facebook? Most likely – so to avoid that, here are the 10 commandments of Facebook (thanks Lindsay for showing me the commandments) … with my own comments.

1.  Thou shall not post or tag friends on embarrassing or incriminating photos.

I can speak from experience… as the photog and the poor victim who’s picture was put on Facebook. Untagging doesn’t do anything.. the pictures are STILL up and people can STILL see them. So from one Facebooker to an other, lets stop putting up these pictures that make you instantly text your friend and say DELETE!

2.  Thou shall not post photo or video updates of thy children’s potty training.

I think this one is cute. DISAGREE.

3.  Thou shall not use Facebook to converse with thine own significant other.

Seriously. BARF! No one wants to see pictures of you making out with your boyfriend/girlfriend, no one wants to read cheesy statuses and NO ONE wants to know how deeply in love you are on an average of 87421 times a day. GET OVER IT. Yes! you did it, you have a significant other, congrats!.. now, go get a life.

4.  Thou shall not endlessly self-promote.

This goes out to all of you who need votes to win a photoshoot or flowers for your wedding. Really? I have better things to do with my life than sit here and vote for you. So PLEASE stop sending mass messages, flooding my inbox and driving me crazy.

5.  Thou shall not propose, ask someone out, or dump anyone via wall messages or status updates.

LMAO. If I was proposed to, or asked out on Facebook I would seriously need to reevaluate the relationship I am in. I mean, I know its not official unless its on Facebook but, cmon! My guy  better get down on one knee, and not do it via the internet. Lets just not even get into dumping someone via Facebook, (which I would have to say is worse than a sticky note or text message). Class people, what happened to that?

6.  Thou shall not IM anyone you haven’t spoken to in over a decade.

Haha, this one is funny. Yes we are Facebook friends, but it really doesn’t go more than that… except for an awkward conversation. You all know what I am talking about, the hey, how are you? followed by the i’m good. we should totally catch up one of these days! You both agree, and then never speak again.

7.  Thou shall not stalk exes and/or ex’s new loves.

We all do it. If you are not friends with them, you know your best friend is. We must stop, put an end to this madness. Just remember, you broke up for a reason.

8.  Thou shall not use Facebook as a diet and workout diary.

YAY! you ran 43.32 miles in 10 minues! WOOT!!! Start a blog, put it on there, but stop posting it on Facebook. And while you are at it, (this is for guys) stop posting pictures of yourself in the bathroom showing off your muscles – you are worse than a chick.

9.  Thou shall not “spoil” TV shows in one’s status update.

YES! Please! God forbid it is a season finale, you better believe your news feed is filled with a play by play of what is happening on the show.

10. Thou shall post clear, updated photos of thyself.

We want to see what you look like NOW not that point in your life when you looked good.


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