damn you auto correct!

Most iPhone users can relate to being a victim of auto correct.. you know when you are in the middle of sending something and you don’t notice and what you end up sending something that has nothing to do with what you wanted to say! (FRUSTRATION) Well this happens to me ALL the time, and now there is probably the best website since text from last night that allows you to read what other people are also going through!! You can literally spend all day on this website, Damn You Auto Correct!

And if it wasn’t already difficult to avoid procrastination, another website has popped up called When parents text. I am sure most people can relate to this. It’s so funny, because I can actually picture my mother holding the phone as far away from her eyes as possible so she can read the letters on the keyboard, typing LOL or some other acronym that I would not expect my mother to know! My father on the other hand has become a pro at texting (of course after about 3423 fights and 4532 tutorials I had to give him on how to use an iPhone … he finally got the hang out it). Although it only started in November, this website has received a lot of hits, catching the attention of mashable and a good majority of those I follow on twitter.


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