this would put anyone in the Christmas spirit

I had been begging my friends for the past week to go to this house that my coworker Vanessa told me about.. I was told that this is a MUST see and there are always cars lined up to see this house. Of course after a lot of begging and pleading my friends agreed and we went to the house last night. Let me tell you, it was breathtaking. It was a light show. An over the top, jaw dropping experience. The Delgado Family decorates their house with over 127,000 lights .. and to top it off they have their very own radio station (88.7 fm) that you tune into while you are parked in front of the house to witness this spectacular light show. When I tell you that this light show was unlike any other I have seen (other than Disney World of course) … it was unlike any light show I have seen. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I was in awe, begging to stay longer.

The Delgado family started in 2007 and have done it every year since. The electricity bill only goes up about $100 per month, way less than what I thought. The lights start going up in late September, (can you imagine how much time and effort goes into that!).

When I was at the house last night, I noticed signs that said Make  a Wish. On the loud speaker, a voice over came on and said all proceeds go to the Make a Wish foundation – the only problem is I did not see a donation box. I will update that part later once I find out how the donations work.

“The cost for the display was more then what was in my range for spending but once you start you just cannot stop, so lets just say that I could have bought a brand new Ford Focus ‘fully loaded!'”, according the the Delgado’s website.

This doesn’t do justice. You need to check it out for yourself!! (the address is on their website –


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