dear Facebook fads, GO AWAY!

Is it just me or is anyone else annoyed with the new Facebook fad of the week? First, it was “make your status the color bra you are wearing – to support Breast Cancer”, then it was “doppelganger week” to “where do you like it – your purse that is”, also to support Breast Cancer, to of course changing your default to a cartoon character to raise awareness for child abuse. As soon as that ended it was “send me a number and a question and i’ll answer it as my status” – aka I want to annoy every single one of my Facebook friends.

Okay, so I am not going to sit here and pretend I did not participate in these viral fads – I definitely did. I would like to think my doppelganger was L.C (of course in the picture I choose, she had huge bug-eyed sunglasses on, so our only similarities were that we both have mouths, and dirty blonde hair).

Good news, according to the Washington Post, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation page on Facebook had a whopping 140,000 new fans last January – when ladies put up their bra color.

Last week about 50 percent of my Facebook friends changed their profile picture to their favorite cartoon character from their childhood. This was in hopes to stop child abuse. Really? How? Maybe to spread awareness, but there is no possible way this had any correlation with preventing child abuse. Gawker and The Daily What apparently felt the same way I do.

GAWKER: So, abuse any kids today?


GAWKER: Why not?

CHILD ABUSER: It’s this cartoon thing. I guess I never realized people cared so much about child abuse that they would go to the trouble of changing their Facebook avatar.

GAWKER: Actually, they’re changing their profile pictures for the whole weekend.


GAWKER: Some people are even “liking” their friends’ Facebook status updates about the campaign. That’s how much they hate child abuse.

CHILD ABUSER: Can you point me to the nearest police station? I need to turn myself in.”

Besides awareness for Breast Cancer, the other fads are there to just bug you! In the past two days my news feed has been spammed with people writing ### followed by something about the person who sent them that specific number in their inbox. Now answer me this, why can’t you just write back to them, why must you put it as your status… because speaking for probably the majority of Facebook users, NO ONE CARES!


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